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Huggly Saves the Turtles: Thinking Adventures Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro - the friends are excitedly anticipating a Grand Opening
A big wind blows in, carrying off the turtles
Signing in on a "human's" door
Ahuman's room. Huggly is actually the monster under the bed!
Several objects in the room are interactive - this cat is about to smack the mouse, but it's ok - it's a wind-up toy
Surveying the terrible mess at Adventure Camp
The map of the surrounding area
Collecting junk on the river
Replace the notes in numerical order
Dropping pearls in their matching oysters
Sticker pages - this is printable
This pair will only move after they have all the rhyming objects
These items must be sorted into the cars that match their first letter
The rocks had to be stacked so each step was only one rock deep
Getting ready to do a Tarzan swing
Story choices from Hotfoot's book
Find and replace the missing letter - when all the pages are complete, the story can be printed
Poor Tillie is pretending to be an egg
Rebuild the ladder's rungs from the pieces shown
Rescuing Tillie
The last turtle - Zippy - is stuck in the canyon
But first, Huggly has to replace the uprooted flowers to fix the patterns
Aha! Knew this Flexi-Slide would come in handy!
Assembling the slide by matching letters
A printable reward
Celebrating around the campfire