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atari missile command

The Humans Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Copy protection
Disk-swap screen
Animated loading screen
Code entry
Extra memory being used
Level objectives
Level loading
Game start
Desert level
Drowning on a summer level
Winter level
Scientist character
Game options
Your tribe discovered fire.
Your tribe discovered a wheel.

DOS version

Copy protection
Introduction: setting the scene.
Intro: a brief evolution reminder
Intro: nearer to the present
Intro: A fall from Grace!
Intro: to the present day
Title screen
Main menu
Level introduction
Sis boom bah! Load level load!
Each level has a goal.
Starting location
There's the spear, but how do I get it?
That wasn't so hard.
Such lovely stats...
And a charming end-of-level report on my progress!
In level 2, the spear's other applications are demonstrated.
Though if you don't eyeball your jump distance correctly, you may end up like my caveman here, a grease smudge on the cave floor.
That ain't good
The monkey columnist has been giving this venture flak from the beginning! I don't care if it's game over, I want evenhanded coverage!

Game Boy version

Title screen 1
Title screen 2
Game story
Level 1
Level 1's goal
Starting location
This man is set so he can be climbed up
Got that spear!

Genesis version

Title screen and main menu
Before each level you are told with how many humans to solve it.
A short text describes your mission in each level.
Build a ladder with your humans to reach higher spots.
We found the spear!
Get some points after each level.
Good news after level 1.
Now you can throw a spear, which can be collected afterwards.
You can jump longer distances with the spear.
Uh oh, no lives left.
Bad news after all humans have died.
Animation after the game is over.
Top ten screen

Jaguar version

Title screen
High-score screen.
Main menu
Password screen.
the summary before each level
dino dudes have almost discovered a spear!
dino dudes can stack on top of each other to form a ladder
preparing to jump by using a spear
preparing to throw a spear over to a different dino dude
look out for dinosaurs and other critters
an icy world
Jumping a large gap with the spear.
"Die monster!".
"Whoa! That was a close one!".
"Are you guys sure this will not fail...?"
Figuring out what to do in this level.
"Do not worry buddy!, I will rescue you!"
"Guess what we are having for diner this night."
Discovering and mastering the wheel.
Passing by other fellow humans with the wheel will cause them pain!
"Begone monster!"
"Do not worry, i will pass you the torch buddies!"
"Let me burn this little tree down buddy and i will set you free!"
Completing the level.
"We need to rescue our little green mascot buddies!"
Crossing a big gap with the wheel.
Figuring what to do now in this level...
Discovering and using the rope.
This is the witch doctor, which will give you various utilities at the cost of a fellow human.
"Now what?"
"Wish me luck dude..."
"I missed!"
"This will hurt in the morning..."
Planning how to resolve this level
"Coming through!"
"We are surrounded so, what are we going to do?"
"Not again..."
"I missed again!"
There is our fellow dude that we need to rescue
Wandering around

Lynx version

Title Screen
The password screen which is set to lynx by default
The chief gives you orders
Tribesmen stack up nice and easily
Heres the spear that the chief wants
You can use the spear to leap across gaps
These pictures appear at the end of the level
At the end of each level you see how well you scored
As the game progresses you will need more tribesmen to complete your goals
If you don't use enough power you land on the spikes
When a tribe member dies they are taken away by a dinosaur
The torch is in your grasp
Don't try this at home
Time is the biggest enemy in the game

SNES version

Main menu
Welcome to level 1
Level 1
Title and copyright info
Climb up to get the spear
Level bonus
The Daily Rock
Level 2