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Hyper Force Screenshots (Jaguar)

User Screenshots

Jaguar version

Title screen.
Hi-Score table.
Options menu. Here you can customize the controls to your liking and load your saved game.
Trans Con Mines Introduction.
Trans Con Mines - The first thing you'll notice about the game is that the sprites are big compared to some of the 16-bit titles released in the period.
Trans Con Mines - You'll find money, weapon and health power ups scattered on the levels.
ISF Supply Shop - Appearing after you complete a level and depending on how much money you collected, you can buy new weapons, upgrades and lives.
Trans Con Mines - Some levels don't waste time throwing you enemies at once.
Trans Con Mines - One of the gameplay elements shown right away is colored locked doors, which you can open by finding switches of their respective colors hidden in the levels.
Trans Con Mines - Many levels have hidden areas with items inside them.
Trans Con Mines - Another gameplay elements are destructible blocks that stops your progress if you don't get rid of them.
Trans Con Mines - If you come in contact with a enemy and he dies that way, you won't receive any points.
Trans Con Mines - When you kill a enemy, they'll leave a power up depending on the weapon you've equipped or health.
Varmox City Introduction.
Varmox City - Later levels introduces multiple colored locked doors.
Varmox City.
Varmox City - You'll find TC enemy soldiers that wears similar equipment to your main character.
Varmox City - Introduced in the first level of the game, ropes are placed to cross big gaps.
Trans Con Fortress Introduction.
Trans Con Fortress - Killing enemies with a upgraded weapon.
Trans Con Fortress - Introduced in Varmox City, you'll find dog-like creatures scattered on the levels, which can only be killed by crouching.
Trans Con Fortress - In later levels, some rockets shoots flames from their back.
Trans Con Fortress.
Secret Laboratory Introduction.
Secret Laboratory - The sign of things to come...
Secret Laboratory - Collecting health power ups.
Secret Laboratory - A almost deceased Trans Con soldier.
Secret Laboratory - Another almost deceased TC soldier and a scrapped TC security drone.
Secret Laboratory - X-Ray.
Secret Laboratory - A scrapped TC mining robot hanging on the background.