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Icewind Dale II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title (from the intro)
Main menu
Choosing either multiplayer or single gameplay modes
You can choose to create a new party or use one of the pre-made ones
The classic Bioware/D&D character creation screen
New classes and sub-classes to choose from
A prologue screen introduces each chapter
A spellbook
Customizing AI scripts for party members
Who will use the outhouse as first? ;-)
Problem with destroyed bridge
Civilized place in far North
Fighting with orcs
Trolls - always have some fire/acid to kill them for good!
Area effect magic
Fighting giant and some barbarians
Chatting with hunter
Big fight with witch
One of cut-scenes: demons attacking village
A lot of spiders
Barbarian gate
A dragon is dead!
World map
Stats (one of four screens!)
Many weapons have names and history
Area automap
Witnessing a magnicide
Things are going to get messy
A powerful lyche can take down your party with just a few spells.
Not every quest has an heroic resolution...