Manual Addenda – Items in the Game WorldContributed by Jeanne (76519) on Nov 15, 2001.

Manual Addenda – Items in the Game World

(Contributor's Note: These were pasted directly from the README.TXT file installed with the game. Formatting for better organization, viewing (and printing) were the only things changed.

Items transferred to the ground.
If your character's inventory is full, and an NPC gives you an item, you will be given a message that the NPC gave you the item and a message that your inventory is full and the item has fallen to the ground. You will have to find space in your inventory and pick it up manually.

If you leave items on the ground in the game world, they will disappear after a period of time (with a few key items as exceptions). Bodies will begin to decay from the world after about half a day. Items will begin to decay from the world after a day or two. The decay represents the effects of scavengers and other folk. If you want to stash items, put them inside any container; for example, a chest, bookshelf, or box.

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