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Icewind Dale Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The intro and all the cutscenes are just those book pages with the narrator talking
Character creation
Party listing
Loading screen
The Nordic saga begins...
The game begins in Easthaven. It's snowing, how beautiful!
Hmm, how can I open this chest? Try one of the options below!
Hehe... Quite a character, this Hrodgar!
Area map
Children playing with a squirrel. The town lives its life
One of the game's humorous, light-hearted dialogues
Your journal
As per RPG rule #137, your first quest involves exterminating somebody in a cellar
Outside the temple
Such profound conversations are rare
Early battles mostly involves harmless goblins and alike
Visiting a magic shop in Kuldahar
Kuldahar is the only peaceful settlement you'll be returning to in this game. And even there you might encounter yetis who have clearly been to gym
You can attack this warrior spirit all you want - plot-related characters can not be killed in any fashion
Use this map to jump from one location to another
A wizard is summoning those big, heavy guys to fight my party
Showing the inventory of an experienced warrior character, wearing gay armor
Character attributes of an attractive female mage
Mage spells - they sure are a colorful lot
That's a whole lot of reptiles...
See me battle the frost giants!..
The pre-rendered graphics are very nice. I don't think I'll need protection from evil here, no matter in what radius
Smash? Crush? Seriously, just like that?.. Where is the love, guys, WHERE IS THE LOVE?!...
Finally found a friendly NPCs in Solonar Tower. So what I did was started casting a spell on her. Hehehe
The descent into the enormous Dorn's Deep begins in this glowing mushroom cave. I'm attacked by some two-headed morons and... mushrooms!
The game is full of such large-scale, tough battles. You'll need some good tactical plan for this one
Some objects provide descriptions if you click on that interrogation mark
Attacked by an obscene amount of undead. Check out the nifty spell effects
Found a strange dwarven statue with some symbols. So I cast fire on it!..
Another day, another hallway, another statue. This game pretty much keeps you in the dungeons all the time
Outdoor areas are small and icy. I'm fighting two troll varieties here
A ruined city. No house can be entered. I just slayed some orcs - look at their things lying on the ground
Lower Dorn's Deep - more imposing dwarven architecture
A pretty, colorful fight against overgrown fungi. The shiny dots is actually my Magic Missile spell in progress
Poor guys! Red the description below...
A lot of games need to have an mines area. Lava is not exactly uncommon, either. Using my Cleric to cast a healing spell
This looks peaceful, doesn't it? As a matter of fact, we have already started one of the game's most important boss battles
Last chapter, and one of the last boss fights. Another RPG cliche - a boss who divides himself into identical copies
You'll be able to return to the starting area much, much later in the game... and the enemies there will be VERY different
A lovely location late in the game. Are you ready for the ultimate battle, my friend?..