Ikaruga Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Atari logo
Title screen
The main menu
Choose a game mode
First level introductory animation
Yikes, I'm under attack!
Attacking some large craft
A large end of level boss
I'm being circled by enemy planes
End of level summary
Uh oh, a wall is blocking the path!
Hmm, I'm surrounded...
Those enemies are equipped with some large lasers!
Whoa, a large enemy!
End of level boss exploding
Enemies attack from all sides
Some more large lasers...
Game over

Windows version

Title screen (Ikaruga)
Title screen (Ginkei)
Video settings
Interface display options
2 player options: offline co-op and the new Double Play mode
Settings for new Double Play mode, where a single player manages both ships
The global leaderboard (top 10 positions for Normal mode). Any replay is downloadable
Neither high-scores nor replays can be saved if the default settings are modified
The travel, and the narration, commence
Enemy boss approaching
Collecting projectiles of our polarity (and dealing normal damage) or...
... Choosing the opposite polarity, collecting no points and energy but dealing twofold as much damage
Eboshidori has been defeated
The huge explosion
Battle report, at the end of a level
(Chapter 2) hitting combo chains requires full knowledge of enemy patterns
Releasing fully charged homing missiles
Waves of extra score-gifting enemies, a reward for playing well
Chapter 3 unfolds along a narrow path
A flock of enemies sacrificing their life
Uzura is approaching
The most wondrous enemy in shoot 'em up history
The battle with Misago continues
The core of Misago
Fighting Tageri
Tageri's second form
Tageri in its final shape
The battle between us and Tageri has come to its acme
The stone-like (Ubusunagami ouki no kai) is awaits us.
Weapons are not needed anymore: we are close to freedom
Birds are flying free in the sky. Nothing else matters
Forever thanks
Listening to one of the tracks (all are comprised in the Appendix)
About Ikaruga
About Ginkei
Illustration: Ikaruga (main image)
Illustration: Ginkei
Illustration: Shinra
Illustration: Kagari
Illustration: Horai Tenro
Arcade version poster
Arcade version poster (2)
Computer Graphics: Shirasagi (not used in game)
Computer Graphics: Misago
Rough Sketch 2
Rough sketch: The Elders

Official Screenshots

  • Ikaruga Screenshot
  • Ikaruga Screenshot
  • Ikaruga Screenshot
  • Ikaruga Screenshot
  • Ikaruga Screenshot
  • Ikaruga Screenshot