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ilomilo Screenshots

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Main menu
Facts about the weird world
Welcome to ilomilo ... a world that will twist and bend your brain
Sebastian will give you advise and explain the game mechanics
The signs will tell you about controls
Meet your buddy in red .. you will need to switch between ilo and milo a lot to save the puzzles
Eggs can be collected in multiplayer only
Level select in chapter one. You need to solve adjacent puzzles in order to proceed
When hidden by objects in the world, you will get this lens like view of your character
The small buddy to the left is a safka ... another collectible
once collected, he/it will follow you around
Solving puzzles involves turning and twisting the perspective. This is done by walking on the little yellow arrows
The "flowers" are fragments which can be collected to fill up your memory in order to unlock postcards
Finished a level
You can zoom out to get a better overview of the level
You need to work together ...
... to cross gaps
You will solve a level if ilo meets milo ... easier said than done
collectibles for each level are shown in the overview screen
the item to the right is used ...
... to unlock gallery items
Once you found your buddy and finished a level, you will get a little dance
Chapter one finished. You do not need to finish all levels in one chapter to proceed
Level two is underwater
The water has no effect on the game though
The apple thing on the left blocks your path ... the creature on the right likes apples though
Levels also have curves and loops ...
... and big tea cups in the background
The blurry egg in the background can be collected in mutliplayer only
Something is wrong here ...
this creature will prevent you from carrying stuff around
More weird info
New world, new scenery
And a new creature to the right which looks like a moving cage
standing on a tile which acts like an elevator
Note the cage creature has trapped a safka
The minigame ilomilo shuffle
you need to collect safkas for points
you move both ilo and milo and the same time, while the floor tiles shift around and disappear