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I'm Your Man: Special Edition Screenshots

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DVD Player version

Main menu
Start screen
Title screen
Choosing the initial character
Leslie in her office
Every few second the movie stops and we can choose the character to follow
Here's Richard in his limo
Jack making a call
Richard shooting his companion
Leslie running into Richard's car
Arriving at the party, Richard asks directly into the camera what should happen next
Leslie at the party
Following Richard, we can choose to go the money way or the violent way
When following Leslie, we get to choose who we think "her man" is
Leslie runs away with Jack
Jack is about to get shot
But is saved by Leslie's mace spray
At a window - jump out or return to party?
Oh no! Richard has a bomb, or whatever it is
On the roof, Jack gets into more trouble
Here we can choose to run, jump or fight
Time for some karate
Meanwhile at the party
Suddenly he draws a gun
Richard is caught, but we have to select whose ending we want
Featurette consisting of documentary, notes and the original instruction video from cinemas
From the documentary
The instruction video
Director's commentary