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PC-98 version

Title screen
Episode choice
Episode begins...
Oh wow, so much treasure...
Suspicious statue...
...and a suspicious book
Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!... Oops, wrong game
Pseudo-RPG battle
Demon attacks!
Using the glasses allows you to see the girl
It burns, it burns!..
Demonic woman attacks
She looks pretty tame now... tame she even offers a blowjob :)
The second episode begins
Gather fighters, and then do what? :)
This episode has top-down view!
Item shop
Weapons and armor shop
All the guys are here...
The same scene in 1st person view
Playing as Femir
S&M, much?..
Femir offers herself to the victorious Rush
Ahh, the passion...
...continues in bed
Clothed version of Femir :)
Last episode: central street
You can try to rape Remia, but it'll be Game Over... just like it should be!
First get her drunk... :)
Looks like we can... err... apply the tactics now!
Too early. She doesn't like it
That's the evil version of the scene...
Playing as Remia: eating first :)
Romantic situation?
Playing as Remia, things evolve differently