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MacintoshComing Soon Magazine (Jan, 1997)
If you're looking for a good laugh and you love stand-up comedy in all its forms, you'll love this package. If you're looking to play an interactive game, you might try something else. Although packed with a great deal of background ambiance, music, and crisp, clear images, a player really has nothing to do. This game basically walks you through itself and moves you forward to a successful conclusion. This game is also rated for 18 years or older. Strong language and mature sexual themes are mentioned by some of the comics and would be inappropriate for younger audiences.
Windows 3.xComing Soon Magazine (Jan, 1997)
Philips Media Home and Family Entertainment gives you The Improv Presents: Don't Quit Your Day Job. In this game, you are treated to a 3-D rendered version of the Improv in Los Angeles where you interact with various characters and Hollywood "celebrities" in order to get your chosen comic up on stage. The reason you want to do this is because you are a talent scout for the Johnny K. Show. You've been given the unsavory job of finding the show's next feature comic or join the long list of people on the unemployment line who had your job before you.
Windows 3.xGame Revolution (Jun 05, 2004)
Scattered throughout the game are audio and video clips of about 30 comics. I tried really hard to enjoy their bits, going so far as to sit through almost all of them. But this is some straight made-for-TV regurgitated crap. Most of the comics are no-names and will probably stay that way. Now don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of comedy. In fact, I may very well be the funniest guy that I know. But honestly, this is a comedy game, and I barely chuckled. Furthermore, the aspiring comics you choose to represent are really lame. With a capital LAME. They're even less funny than the rest. And what happens when you win the game and get your comic a shot at the big time? You get to sit through about 5 minutes of his/her "wacky antics" after which the credits roll. Wow, what a payoff (to be taken with a ham sandwich and a glass of sarcasm).
Windows 3.xComputer Games Magazine (1996)
Bad acting, bad comedy (with a few exceptions), a bad marriage of FMV to the rendered Improv backgrounds, Steve Allen in the corner all point to a generally sad addition to the retail shelf. The one star is for the 360-degree engine and the aforementioned exceptions. Try it if you dare.
Windows 3.xPC Games (Nov, 1996)
That's not to say the Improv Comedy Club itself doesn't offer superlative standup comics. It does - just look at it's roster. But the club isn't involved with Don't Quit Your Day Job - probably because it'd rather avoid treatment for distemper. Avoid this dog at all costs.