In the Hunt Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Briefing before 1st mission
First enemy
Explosion under water
Big destroyer
Total battle mess
Shallow water
Planes with bombs
Ice rays
I'm stuck
Boss fight
Anchors on chains
Stage clear
Old city
Large U-boot
Giant rockets
The narrow, dangerous road between rockets
Third Boss
Big Fish before boss
4th Boss
In the 5 stage the boss is always under you... until the end
5th Boss
In the last stage (6) the boss is an huge rocket divided into pieces. You have to destroy all the pieces of the rocket. This is the first
Other piece
You die! Continue!
You have destroyed the Rocket
The End
Stage clear in 2-player mode
2-player gameplay (too much action! obscures the view)
In 2-player mode the players will have to fight each other after the final boss, similar to Arcade version of Double Dragon

PlayStation version

Title screen
First level

SEGA Saturn version

Intro Shot 1: Only the Saturn version features a full-motion intro.
Intro shot 2: Some really cheesy enemy subs!
Intro shot 3: Dolphins!
Intro shot 4: Damn the torpedoes!
The title screen.
Stage 1 "intro" screen.
Here's your mission.
Shooting some subs early in the game.
The large ships look awesome, and can be destroyed in chunks.
Mmmm - explosions!
The ice cannons are annoying, as they don't destroy you right away - just freeze you in place (so other enemies can finish you off)
Almost done with level 1.
First boss arrives!
Fighting the boss.
Stage clear.
Level 2 takes place in shallow waters.
Looking at these screenshots makes it obvious that the game was made by the same people who made Metal Slug.
Also, just like in Metal Slug, the animation in this game is silky-smooth.
Let's see if we can derail this train!
Second boss.
Level 3 is entirely vertical. You are being chased by this rock giant.
This brick wall section is a truely impressive show of 2D powers of any system.
I die!
This boss battle is not about shooting, but staying alive long enough.
A very, very pretty level 3.
These larger submarines are a pain in the ass to destroy.
My submarine is covered by a shield. "My hovercraft is full of eels!"
Blasting my way through a submerged building.
Game Over, man!
Top 10 Ranking.

Windows version

Title screen.
Attack the cannon.
Facing the first end-of-level boss.