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Advertising Blurbs

Magazine Ad - EGM #91, February 1997:

    Spare your capillaries.
    Play the game.

    Shelve the puny human routine. It's pulverize of be pulverized when you become this mean green fighting machine. Go fist to fist with the entire Pantheon gang from Ajax, Ulysses, Hector and Adalanta to your own Future Imperfect self, The Maestro. It's all part of mastering the puzzle. Not to mention, the finer points of smashing, crushing and pummeling anyone that gets in your way. So go ahead, burst a few blood vessels. Just not your own.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on May 31, 2004.

From the back of the European box:
    Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk barges his way into the Pantheon Saga! He encounters a team of Super Heroes dedicated to helping him become a hero. Hulk must use his Gamma spawned powers to survive impossible odds against a familiar cast of notorious Super-Villains: the interstellar madman Trauma, the mutant Piecemeal and the deadly U-Foes. These villains make his path to heroism increasingly dangerous. Thankfully for the Hulk, the madder he gets, the stronger he gets!

    HULK SMASHES with:
    • Over 20 specialized attack and defense combos available to pound your way through!
    • Fully rendered 3-D graphics designed on Silicon Graphics workstations!
    • Over 14 levels of challenging gameplay!
    • Hidden paths and areas to uncover powerful Pantheon members!

    [Editor’s note: The last claim is misleading. You do not need to search for secret areas to find Pantheon members, you will meet all of them in the normal course of the first three levels.]

    Contributed by -Chris (7562) on Apr 07, 2002.