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The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Him Hulk. Hulk very strong. Hulk like to hit people.
Hulk like to hit things, too. Like walls.
Hulk carry heavy things! And throw, too!
Why Atalanta shoot at Hulk? Hulk angry, Hulk hit Atalanta!
This Hector. Hulk kick Hector til Hector become friend of Hulk.
Hulk call Ulysses, Ulysses hit evil men with firesword.
Hulk play in garden with Ajax. Garden green (like Hulk!).
Hulk go to garden again later, but no Ajax. Instead U-Foes. Hulk angry, garden broken.
Hulk jump lava.
Hulk jump ice.
What men want from Hulk? Hulk must hit men!
Hulk ride ice-boat, punch man now and then.
Golden man be Vector. Hulk hit too often, Vector fall down and not move any more.
Huh? Another Hulk? Maybe if Hulk push around, Hulk can finally go to sleep. Yawn!