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GameCube version

Title screen
Extra: the making of 'The Incredibles'
The loading screen has to do with the upcoming level.
Our hero drives along enjoying his undercover identity.
Socking a bad guy on a bridge.
Quite a punch you've got there.
Clearing a path by demolishing a wall.
Using an "Incredi-jump".
The pause menu plays a movie of your current objective.
Attack while in the air will lead ot this massive ground pound.
Destroying a lazer field with a filling cabinet.
Hmm how to get past these guards...
... just toss them off the ledge of course.
Sliding along a power cable.
Avoiding machine gun fire.
A good workout
Elastic Girl gracefully goes into a roll.
Swinging across a gap in buildings with your stretchy arms.
Tossing enemies.
Dangling from a lamp.
Movie posters... on top of a skyscraper?
Being dragged along by a flying villain.
The plot thickens.
Mr. Incredible undercover
Hanging on over a firey demise.
Enemies here use flamethrowers.

Windows version

Pixar logo
Title screen
Main menu
The story is told with clips from the movie.
Starting from the flashback as Mr. Incredible.
Spaces that are assigned for special moves are highlighted.
Punching out a mime.
There's a great sense of depth to the level.
Special actions include lifting or knocking over set pieces.
Special actions also include giant leaps across great chasms.
I suppose you've got to use whatever is lying around.
Mr. Incredible crosses two buildings via this cord.
End level statistics
Elastigirl picks up where Mr. Incredible left off...
...and throws him at another henchman.
Buddy Pine flies his hero, Mr. Incredible, through the city.
A retired Mr. Incredible and Frozone try to rescue civilians from a burning building.
Dash makes a dash for the school bus.
Try not to run into traffic.
Mr. Incredible scours Nomanisan Island for a rogue Omni-Droid.
Those spiky balls will prevent me from just swimming off the island.
These bridges are electrified and must be turned off.
Another mission into Nomanisan Island for the mysterious Mirage
Facing off against an Omni-Droid in the volcano.
The Omni-Droid has multiple methods of trying to obliterate Mr. Incredible.
In this arena level you must blow up the towers that are shooting at you.
Fighting an even bigger Omni-Droid, this time at a waterfall.
Turning into a ball and rolling at Mr. Incredible. This does not bode well for him.
Elastigirl approaching a monorail track outside Syndrome's lair.
Inside the barren hallways of Syndrome's lair
Activating the computers to open doors.
Dash runs through the jungle.
Violet tries to sneak past the guards.
Dash and Violet run into each other to become the Incredi-ball!
The last Omni-Droid lands in the streets of Metroville.
You've got to fight it in stages.
Battle Mode character selection
Fighting a group of baddies.
Here's what you get to unlock. Video clips from the movie and behind the scenes blurry pictures of the making of the game.

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