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Doctor Jones opts for fists over story yet again. Windows RussS (819)
Spot-on Atmosphere, So so Implementation: Great Game! Windows Tom Cross (31)
The Original Tomb Raider Windows Terrence Bosky (5463)
"I came here to save you, Dad !"-"Oh yeah, and who will come to save YOU, Junior?" Windows Emmanuel Henne (26)
Lame control system. Xbox Gareth Day (9)
The best action game EVER created... Windows Daniel Albu (253)

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 5 3.4
PlayStation 2 13 3.2
Windows 30 3.4
Xbox 13 3.4
Combined User Score 61 3.4

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Windowsgames xtreme (May 27, 2003)
The game may be short enough to be a rental for some people, but I for one am glad I bought it, even though there's little initial replay value. The game was fun enough that I wouldn't mind playing it a second time. A few of the 'boss' fights dragged just a little bit, but all is forgiven, fine people at The Collective.
XboxXBox Solution (XBS) (Mar 29, 2003)
It was a pleasure playing Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb, it gave me a chance to reflect back on the days of my childhood a bit, and reach inside to claim some of that adventure I may have lost over the years. While the graphics could have been touched up a bit for an Xbox title, the fun factor and the level of variety in a game that kept my interest all the way to the end was a nice surprise. I have a two fold recommendation. If you are a fan of Indiana Jones, you should go pick this one up now. More casual adventure types take a test run through a rental, and you make the call.
MacintoshGames4Mac (2004)
Wäre das neue Abenteuer von Dr. Jones eine Fortsetzung eines Lara Croft Spiels, dann hätte ich dieses Spiel ganz sicher links liegen lassen. Bei Indiana Jones und dem dazugehörigen "Kultstatus" konnte und wollte ich das aber nicht so machen. Gerade dem Kultstatus hat dieses Spiel wohl einiges zu verdanken. Die Story ist in typischer Indiana Jones Manie, die Missionen die gelöst werden müssen unterhalten ungemein und sind je nach dem welche Schwierigkeitsstufe man hat ziemlich knifflig, die Grafik passt zum Spiel, der Suchtfaktor ist hoch und man muss bis zum Schluss um die Asiatin kämpfen.
PlayStation 2Digital Entertainment News (den) (Aug 18, 2003)
The license of Indiana Jones has not been slapped on a game as if it were just a name being tagged onto another adventure game. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb was built from the ground up as an Indian Jones adventure, and it shows through. This is a game to look to as a benchmark in the genre. There are some problems to be sure, but these flaws are easily correctable, not only in the coming sequel (there will be one, right LucasArts?), but by other developers as well. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb is a wonderful example of what an adventure game can be.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Sep 05, 2003)
No developer has ever really gotten an Indiana Jones game just right. Something always seems a little off, or sometimes the games are just downright bad. You have to go all the way back to zipping around in mine cars in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for the NES to find one that gets the closest. Now, with Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, I think we have a new contender for top dog.
86 (Mar 14, 2003)
Echte Indy-Anhänger dürfen aufgrund der Filmnähe des Titels noch ein paar Prozentpunkte auf die Wertung aufschlagen. Während der Titel für die Fan-Gemeinde ein Muss ist, dürften auch Archäologieneulinge an diesem abwechslungsreichen Action-Adventure ihre Freude haben. Spätestens wenn die grandiose Filmmusik erklingt oder der original Synchronsprecher Indiana Jones Humor spielen lässt, zieht der Abenteurer die Spieler in seinen Bann.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Mar, 2003)
Like every other Indy fan in the world, I am still waiting for his long-awaited return to the big screen, but let's not hold our breath. The good news is Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb offers up more than enough action to keep any fan happy until that glorious day becomes a reality. If you own an Xbox and are looking for some adventure, you really can't do much better than this.
XboxActionTrip (Mar 21, 2003)
If there is a problem with the game it's that it offers nothing new to this style of game that hasn't already come from the Boob Raider saga. That's not to say it's a bad game. It a great game, I enjoy playing it as does as my 4 year old son. Frankly, I would be hard pressed to find something new to add to a Boob Raider type game myself. What LucasArts has done is taken a great genre, added a well-established character and added the detail and polish that they have been known for. The end result is Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb combines the right amount of action, puzzle solving and exploration and overall, is quite entertaining.
XboxNext Level Gaming (Jul 08, 2003)
I had a blast playing this game, and it provided hours of fun to enjoy. There is nothing like taking on some Nazis after a hard day’s work to relieve some stress. If you are a fan of action/adventure games, this is definitely one you do not want to miss. If you have both systems, the Xbox version is the way to go, even though it's been out much longer than the PS2 version. Just that graphic clarity alone would be enough. But that aside, when all is said and done, Indy’s first (and hopefully not last) appearance on the Xbox and Playstation 2 can be considered a success.
PlayStation 2Next Level Gaming (Jul 08, 2003)
Indiana Jones is one of the most famous action/adventure icons in our generation. He has starred in 3 feature films, and there have been a number of video games licensed after him. Played by Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones was a balls-to-the-wall archaeologist who knew how to outsmart the bad guys and wow the ladies with his unpolished charm. He has traveled the globe in is many adventures, and now he makes his way to the Xbox and Playstation 2 in Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb.
MacintoshNowGamer (Dec 03, 2003)
This style of gameplay won’t be to everyone’s liking, but for this reviewer, it worked. The overall experience is fast-paced and very enjoyable, and everything about the game is authentic Indiana Jones – from the music, right down to the rumpled clothing of the famous adventurer. Which you’d expect really, considering that the original versions of this game were developed by LucasArts. There are a few small niggles, notably with the camera, which gets a little hung up on the scenery at times; the swimming sections (which are a pain); and in the fact that there’s a fair degree of tricky jumping and swinging to be done which can result in one-too-many untimely deaths. On the whole, though, this is the closest we’ve come so far to actually being in an Indiana Jones movie. Dust off that fedora and order yourself a copy today!
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Mar, 2003)
The puzzles may be a tad linear, and not nearly as engrossing as Lara Croft's exploits, but the action is in a league of its own and the story is well worthy of a film. I think you'll agree that it's good to see Dr. Jones in action again.
WindowsActionTrip (Mar 31, 2003)
Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a multiplayer facet, but the single-player game is relatively lengthy and the levels are huge, which should give you plenty of value for your money. The replay value is certainly iffy, but I think that the long hours of fun single-player gameplay should be enough of an incentive for the fans of the genre to buy the game.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Apr 11, 2003)
Keine Speicherfunktion bedeutet: Indy mit schweißnassen Händen und im Schneckentempo über Abgründe zu balancieren, in der Hoffnung, keinen Fehler zu machen. Keine Speicherfunktion bedeutet aber auch: Puls, der auf 180 steigt, und Monitore, die durch Fensterscheiben fliegen. Wenn Sie in den vergangenen Tagen Schreie der Verzweiflung gehört haben, das war ich beim Spielen von Indiana Jones und dieser verdammten Legende von der Kaisergruft! Entschuldigen Sie meine Ausdrucksweise, aber es ist schon ein starkes Stück, dass man nach jedem Ableben wieder am Anfang des Levels starten muss. Umso schlimmer ist es, dass der neue Indy richtig viel Spaß macht. Die filmreifen, wunderbar übertriebenen Boxkämpfe, die abwechslungsreichen Abenteuerschauplätze und die auch mit Tastatur sehr ordentliche Steuerung zwingen einfach zum Weiterspielen.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jun, 2003)
There’s a decent game here, no doubt. In spite of a few blemishes, Dr. Jones did good—real good. If you number among those who’ve worn through countless videotape versions of his adventures, The Emperor’s Tomb is worth exploring.
MacintoshMac Addict (Apr, 2004)
Beyond the inept camera view and quirky keyboard controls, the game looks and feels good. The Indy character looks a lot like Harrison Ford, right down to the scar on his chin—he even sounds a bit like Ford. The story is compelling, backdrops are beautifully rendered, textures are crisp, and much of the music is straight out of the films. Most important, the action is fun. Whether you're a true Indy fan or just a casual gamer looking for a quality adventure experience, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb should satisfy you.
XboxX-Power (May 01, 2003)
Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb is een uitstekende titel geworden en geeft de Xbox z'n eerste échte adventure game. Tien gevarieerde locaties zorgen ervoor dat de levensduur aanvaardbaar is want door de uitzonderlijke vlotte gameplay en de niet al te hoge moeilijkheidsgraad speelt het spel lekker snel door.Wie echter alle secrets wil ontdekken zal heel wat meer uurtjes nodig hebben dan gamers die zich enkel met het hoofdverhaal bezig houden. Grafisch is het er nog veel verbetering mogelijk maar toch mag dit geen domper op de spelvreugde zijn. Een absolute aanwinst voor iedere collectie en verplichte kost voor Tomb Raiderfanaten.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2003)
Was für ein Wechselbad der Gefühle: Als begeisterter Fan der Indiana-Jones-Filme habe ich Die Legende der Kaisergruft Bit für Bit verschlungen. Doch mangels freier Speicherfunktion ist mir der Spielspaß häufig im Hals stecken geblieben. Wenn Indy von der Mauer poltert und ich den gesamten Level deswegen wiederholen muss, will ich die Programmierern vor Wut am liebsten mit der Bullenpeitsche züchtigen. Klar: Ich freue mich dafür umso mehr, sobald ich die knifflige Passage gemeistert habe. Trotzdem verliert das Abenteuer aufgrund der regelmäßigen Frustmomente deutlich an Spielspaß. Dennoch behaupte ich: Kein anderer Titel verdient seine Genrebezeichnung mehr als Die Legende der Kaisergruft. Die Entwickler fanden eine nahezu perfekte Mischung aus Prügeleien, Sprungeinlagen und Schalterrätseln. Zusammen mit der spannenden Story und den markanten Charakteren legt Indiana Jones die Meßlatte für solche Titel ein Stück nach oben.
WindowsGame Chronicles (Apr 17, 2003)
Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb manages to capture the spirit of the films and packs a ton of combat and action sequences into a good old-fashioned adventure game. The puzzles are mindless so check your brain at the door. All you need is lightning reflexes; your whip and your hat and the Heart of the Dragon will soon be yours.
80 (Apr 25, 2003)
Näin seikkailupelifriikkinä on tähän loppuun pakko hieman narista maailman epäoikeudenmukaisuutta. Miksi kaikkien aikojen upeimmista seikkailuelokuvista on pakko yrittää väkisin vääntää tällaista tasapaksua ja täysin persoonatonta toimintapompintaa, kun ihan perinteinen 2D-seikkailupeliformaatti sopisi meininkiin kaiken järjen mukaan selkeästi paremmin? Ei Emperor's Tomb missään nimessä huono peli ole, mutta pelityylin valinnassa ollaan LucasArtsilla menty ainakin minun mielestäni mokaamaan pahasti. Indy olisi yksinkertaisesti ansainnut jotain paljon parempaa. Silti monet Tomb Raiderinsa pelanneet varmasti rakastuvat tähän peliin, siitä ei ole epäilystäkään.
WindowsNetjak (Nov 09, 2003)
Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb is a game that reminds us that gaming is essentially about having fun, and it’s hard to have more fun than beating up Nazis with your fists. Though the game has a few minor graphical problems, it looks good throughout. The music, puts the game right up over the top giving it an epic theatrical feel that makes it a fun play every time.
WindowsDigital Entertainment News (den) (Aug 10, 2003)
If you love Indiana Jones, this game will definitely satisfy your craving for some hot Harrison Ford action. While the voice isn't his, the body and looks sure are. Indy looks better than ever, younger and more spritely than Harrison Ford ever was. For your $50, you could do a lot worse than The Emperor's Tomb.
XboxExtreme Gamer (Mar 21, 2003)
If you are an Indiana Jones fan then do yourself a favor and go get this game right now. The game is very reminiscent of Tomb Raider with more emphasis placed on fighting and less puzzle work. If you are trying to find all the hidden items, the game will take you about 20 hours to beat on easy. So if you are looking for a great game to hold you over until the next-gen Tomb Raider then go get this bad boy.
WindowsPC Action (Apr 23, 2003)
Indy 6 ist ein gutes Spiel. Doch warum kann man innerhalb der Levels nicht wenigstens ein einziges Mal abspeichern? Ich bin ja eher gegen ständiges Extrem-Quick-Saving. Doch in diesem Fall wollte ich des Öfteren meinen Kollegen an die Gurgel springen, um irgendjemanden dafür zu bestrafen, dass ich eine nervige Passage zum zehnten Mal spielen muss. Die teils doofen Gegner empfand ich da fast schon als willkommene Erleichterung. Indy-Fans ist das sowieso alles wurst, denn die kaufen das Spiel sowieso. Mich juckt der Peitschen-Opa eigentlich nicht die Bohne, doch das Spiel find' ich trotzdem gut.
XboxGameZone (Feb 26, 2003)
Indiana Jones has had marginal success in the gaming world. This is a character that has inspired the Tomb Raider series and while the latter has achieved success in the gaming world (whereas Indiana rules the movie competition between the two), Indiana Jones has yet to really catch on. This game takes some big steps to catching up with Lara Croft. There is something grand about an Indiana Jones’ adventure, and the Emperor’s Tomb comes close to embracing that feeling in the videogaming world.
XboxGamePro (US) (Feb 24, 2003)
With a little more fine-tuning and polish, Indiana Jones and the Emperor?s Tomb could have been completely awesome. It?s still a mighty fine adventure as it is, although Indy fans will get the most mileage from it.
XboxGameSpy (Feb 17, 2003)
Fans of the Indiana Jones movies and fans of great action beat-'em-up video games should absolutely take Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb for a spin. It might be some time until the Xbox sees another adventure that's this enjoyable again.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Jul 21, 2003)
The original tomb raider is back! George Lucas is still busy with Star Wars and Steven Spielberg can't begin the next Indy film project until George is ready, but that hasn't stopped Lucas Arts from pursuing their own Indy project. To develop this one, Lucas Arts commissioned The Collective, a development studio with experience in creating games in the action and adventure genres. Play the finished product and you'll see that they made the right decision: The Collective has taken all of Indy's trademark features and crammed them into one great game.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Jun 26, 2003)
It is with a sense of irony that I note the following: The action-adventure bandwagon has come full circle, returning home with Doctor Jones at the reigns. So, Lara Croft, described by Core Design as "a sort of female Indiana Jones" started off with an incredibly cool quest in 1996. Remember the pants you soiled when that T-rex strode into view? LucasArts gnashed its teeth, and attempted its own Indiana Jones outings, but none matched the novelty of Tomb Raider. Fast-forward six years, and while Eidos scratches its collective heads wondering what the hell it just shipped, LucasArts has quietly shipped the PlayStation 2 port of its rather good Xbox adventure. It does everything that Lara's done in the past. And sometimes, it does it better.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (May 24, 2003)
I just can’t say, “Indiana Jones” without hearing the strains of John Williams’ score. It’s hard for me to even separate the words “fedora” and “whip”. This is why I was so looking forward to seeing what today’s technology could do with the world’s most famous “archaeologist”. For the most part, Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb satisfies as an action game (and fixes several problems of the Xbox version).
78 (May 30, 2003)
With a characteristic simplicity and an atmosphere closer to the one from the Spielberg's movies, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, also because porting problems like perspective and character control, can be considered unattractive even for the fans of the series.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2003)
Is dit de interactieve Indy film geworden waar iedereen op zat te wachten? Helaas niet. Daarvoor is er te weinig script, scenario en plot. Ook krijg je op sommige momenten het gevoel dat je een zorgvuldig maar rechtlijnig uitgedokterde puzzel zit te spelen. Wat Emperor's Tomb dan wel is, is een hoogst vermakelijk actiespektakel dat zijn voorganger op bijna alle vlakken klop. Vergeet Lara Croft. Indy is back! Al is hij nog niet helemaal in topvorm, de zweep hanteert hij nog steeds als de besten.
77 (May 29, 2003)
Ich bin wirklich ein Philanthrop, aber für eine derartig verhunzte Speicherfunktion gehören die Entwickler ausgepeitscht! Es macht einfach keinen Spaß, dazu gezwungen zu werden einen Level wieder und wieder neu zu beginnen, nur weil man (idealerweise dank der zickigen Kamera) danebengesprungen ist, oder von einem hungrigen Krokodil kurz vor dem Levelende erwischt wurde. Diese beiden Punkte kosten Indy einen Aufstieg in die Oberklasse der Action-Adventures, der sonst problemlos möglich gewesen wäre: die Mischung aus klasse Grafik, herausfordernder Action, exzellentem Sound und netten Puzzles stimmt und treibt den Spieler motiviert voran - bis er wieder mal einen Schlag zuviel abbekommt und von vorne beginnen muss. Wer die Zähne hart genug zusammenbeißt, wird viel Spaß in der Kaisergruft haben; die meisten Spieler dürften jedoch schon lange vorher die Flinte ins Korn geworfen haben.
XboxRetroage (Jan 04, 2012)
Nadszedł czas na podsumowanie. Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb jest dobrą grą. Bardzo ciekawa jest fabuła, system walki i grafika. Świetnie pokonuje się nowe lokacje, a o brakach łamigłówek, czy problemach w sterowaniu można z czasem zapomnieć. Autorzy także bardzo dobrze połączyli scenariusz gry z tymi filmowymi. Indiana na widok węża wspomina „this is a long story”, a samo zakończenie gry jest niejako wstępem do prologu z filmu Indiana Jones i Świątynia Zagłady.
XboxJust Adventure (Mar 11, 2003)
Still, if I had to choose between the artificialness of Laura Croft and the grittiness of Indiana Jones, Indy would win fedora down, even if his aging bullwhip might be in need of a dose of Viagra.
WindowsAdventure Corner (Jan 08, 2004)
Die Wertung des Spiels fiel mir außerordentlich schwer: Auf der einen Seite ist 'Indiana Jones und die Legende der Kaisergruft' ein sehr gelungenes Spiel, das den Spieler schnell in das Indiana Jones-Universum entführt, eine recht lange Spielzeit verspricht und verdammt viel Spaß macht. Auf der anderen Seite hat das Spiel jedoch leider nicht mehr viel mit Adventures zu tun und die Rätsel sind viel zu einfach bis nicht existent. Und so reicht es leider nur zu 75%.
XboxGame Over Online (Mar 26, 2003)
Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb had so much potential. The Collective managed to encapsulate the Indiana Jones movie-going experience in an action-adventure game, complete with John Williams soundtrack, a convincing Harrison Ford stand-in, inventive puzzle elements, and an exciting combat system. If not for the abundant technical glitches, repetitive level design and spotty camera system, recommending The Emperor's Tomb would have been a no-brainer. Unfortunately, newcomers to the genre will likely be overwhelmed by such problems, so it's hard to recommend it to them. However, if you're a fan of the Indiana Jones movie franchise, I think you'll be satisfied with his latest adventure.
WindowsPelit (Jun, 2003)
Indiana Jonesin legendaan ruoskitaan taas vuosien tauon jälkeen uutta henkeä. Neljättä elokuvaa junaillaan eteenpäin ja alkuperäisen trilogian kauan odotettu DVD-ensi-ilta on vihdoin luvassa loppuvuodesta.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (May, 2003)
Ik verwachtte veel van Emperor's Tomb en ik heb veel gekregen. De graphics en het geluid zorgen voor een visueel en muzikaal spektakel, waar Tomb Raider van kan leren. Vooral het gezicht van Jones is een stuk gedetailleerder en levendiger. Ook inhoudelijk zijn er een hoop verbeteringen. De gevechten zijn spectaculairder dan ooit, dankzij nieuwe moves en afwisselende wapens. Verder is de verregaande interactie met de omgeving het noemen waard. Helaas moet ik ook wat kanttekeningen plaatsen. The Collective moet zich schamen voor de knullige besturing. Verder heeft de ontwikkelaar teveel nadruk op de actie gelegd, waardoor de game geen Indiana Jones had hoeven heten. Ik had graag wat meer - en beter doordachte - raadsels gezien.
WindowsGameSpot (Apr 01, 2003)
Indiana Jones fans will find a lot to like in the Emperor's Tomb. While the game's control issues will take you a good hour or so to get comfortable with, the puzzles and combat come together nicely and make for a pretty good action game. Experienced action players may find the game and its puzzles to be a bit on the easy side, but there's definitely some fun to be had here, and Indiana Jones fans will likely appreciate the way their favorite archeologist is represented in the game.
WindowsIGN (Apr 02, 2003)
While there are plenty of better games on the PC, none give you your recommended daily allowance of Indy quite like this one. Fans of the film will definitely be able to overlook the minor (but recurring) failings. Fans of platform action will have less patience for the game's shortcomings but will still find the overall experience enjoyable, if a little straightforward.
70 (UK) (Mar 26, 2003)
One can only hope that somewhere along the line that LucasArts takes on board the criticisms of its latest attempt and goes on to make the benchmark whip-cracking adventure that we all yearn for. But rather like EA's clueless Bond games of recent years, this is a licensed game that has been designed unapologetically for the mass market from the ground up. It'll appeal to the attention-deficient, thrill seeking gamer, but those who expect something a little deeper should be aware of its shortcomings. But as a cohesive, enjoyable action game, The Emperor's Tomb still stands out among film tie-in fodder; it's a blast from start to finish and somehow manages to be greater than the sum of its parts. It's perhaps a classic example of the ideal game to rent; you'll enjoy it while it lasts, complete it over a weekend, and move on.
PlayStation (Sep 02, 2003)
Indiana Jones Et Le Tombeau De L'Empereur est un agréable jeu qui vous fera passer de bons moments sur votre console. On aurait pu espérer mieux de cette version PS2, notamment en ce qui concerne l'animation pas assez fluide, mais le soft reste tout de même tout à fait correct pour les amateurs de Tomb Raider like.
WindowsGamereactor (Sweden) (May 07, 2003)
Indiana Jones and the Emperor´s Tomb är inget perfekt spel. Nu förtas lite av ett spännande och tight äventyr genom små irritationsmoment. Men det är ett i grunden ambitiöst projekt, och det första spelet med Indy i huvudrollen som verkligen lyckats återskapa känslan från filmerna. Indy må inte vara lika fysiskt attraktiv som Lara Croft, men han är en minst lika god äventyrare i ett kompetent spel som erbjuder utmaning för såväl avtryckarfingret, som hjärnan och fingerfärdigheten. Det räcker långt!
70 (Apr 25, 2003)
Si Indiana Jones Et Le Tombeau De L'Empereur est loin d'être exempt de tout défaut, le titre n'en est pas point un bon jeu d'action/aventure. Pas très original car s'appuyant sur la recette des Tomb Raider, le titre de LucasArts réussit malgré tout le pari de retranscrire avec un certain panache l'atmosphère des films et de ce fait devrait pouvoir s'attirer les faveurs de tous les petits archéologues en herbe. Maintenant, si vous ne possédez pas un gamepad, investissez dans un tel périphérique car dans le cas contraire vous risqueriez très vite d'être énervé par une jouabilité beaucoup trop poussive et laborieuse pour un simple clavier.
WindowsGamesdog (Dec 16, 2003)
If you can over come the camera's inability to function properly and want something to fill the void until the next Tomb Raider arrives this is overall an okay game. it won't have you biting at the bit in the same way that Jedi Knight 2, also from Lucas Arts, did. Nor will it probably be a touch on tomb raider when that appears either, but it does act as a worthy stopgap.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Feb 17, 2004)
This game won big points with me before I even hit the "New Game" button. I am very impressed by games with fast initial load times, and Indiana Jones did not let me down. There is no greater deterrent to a video game than to have it take so long to load, that you are on to other projects by the time it gets to that first menu, and you end up abandoning it altogether. This game takes place in 1935 and you are Indiana Jones. The first step of your mission is to find the gates of the Lost City through the viny, overgrown, forested back drop known as Ceylon (a.k.a. present day Sri Lanka). The game manages to capture the very essence of a hard trek over ancient stone works and through the sometimes unforgivable environment of earthquake-ridden rain forests.
WindowsGameSpy (Apr 03, 2003)
Of course, action gamers may say that a good story isn't what they're after in a third-person game like Emperor's Tomb, and if all you're looking for is a slam-bang action title with mild adventure elements, then (control complaints aside) this game certainly delivers. A game that bills itself with the smiling mug of one of the coolest adventurers ever should be about putting you straight under Indy's fedora; without it, what we get is Lara Croft in long pants.
XboxGameSpot (Feb 28, 2003)
The good parts of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb are really good. You can definitely see a great game hidden in the finished product, but calling the Emperor's Tomb "finished" doesn't seem right. The problems in this game are the sort that almost certainly could have been ironed out with a few more months of work, but in the end, the unpolished portions of the game outweigh the game's strong points. There's definitely some fun to be had here, and Indiana Jones fans will likely appreciate the way their favorite archeologist is represented in the game. But the game can't be wholeheartedly recommended such as it is, and it's probably best suited as a weekend rental, much like the movies that inspired it.
PlayStation 2IGN (Jul 02, 2003)
What happened to the days of Sam and Max and Monkey Island? I honestly don't know. One thing I do know is that a 3D adventure game must, in some manner, deliver good puzzles, a story-driven game, and a unique form of action to make the masses happy. Believe it or not, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb offers players a good dose of all these, and despite its problems, it's a good, solid adventure game.
65 (Mar 25, 2003)
Un gros capital sympathie pour cet Indiana Jones et le Tombeau de l'Empereur mais aussi un gros tas de défauts. Réalisation qui passe tout juste, 2 ou 3 bugs, système de sauvegarde à revoir mais surtout un gameplay qui déçoit un peu et qui a un tour de retard. The Collective aurait pu mieux assurer et nous proposer un soft plus à la hauteur de la licence, plus prenant et non pas un simple petit jeu auquel on s'adonne comme posé sur des rails. Dommage, il y avait là un fort potentiel, on devra se contenter d'un titre sympathique qui devrait plaire aux fans qui attendent le prochain film. C'est mon cas :)
XboxIGN (Feb 14, 2003)
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb is Tomb Raider meets Pitfall. Only the adventure aspects fall far short of the original Tomb Raider and the platforming action goes a bit overboard at times. There are lots of flaws in the game, but it's not a bad title. I had a lot of fun playing Indy and even if I wasn't reviewing the game, I'd have been compelled enough to see it through the 12 or so hours of gameplay to the end. It's fun and a bit addictive. But there are a ton of flaws to be found and the puzzle design is so incredibly meager it hurts the game a great deal.
XboxGames TM (Mar, 2003)
There are plenty of new puzzles and locations and, most importantly, the atmosphere is one hundred percent Indy, but the fact that jumping over gaps is so problematic removes a considerable amount of polish. Not only are the controls a bit twitchy, but there are also occasional problems with camera positioning - in some areas, lining up a jump is virtually impossible because surrounding walls are in the way and the viewpoint can't be adjusted. On top of that, the speed and erratic pacing of the jumping itself, combined with occasional collision detection problems, making navigating even the smallest gap a heart-stopping event, the beat-'em-up and puzzle elements of the game are some of the best we've seen in quite some time. And let's not forget that this is Indiana Jones - the original tomb raider, if not quite the best, when it comes to games.
WindowsYiya (May 22, 2008)
Indiana Jones und die Legende der Kaisergruft ist auch fünf Jahre nach Erstveröffentlichung noch ein höchst spielenswertes Game, an dem der Zahn der Zeit nur bedingt genagt hat. Die Graphik ist immer noch stimmig und zufriedenstellend, der Sound, die Musik und die Synchronisation erstklassig, ebenso wie die gesamte Präsentation und die Story, etwas, das viele Film- oder Lizenzumsetzungen nicht besitzen. Das Gameplay, die Kamera und die Steuerung haben zwar einige Macken, insbesondere hier der zu ausgeprägte Schwerpunkt bei Kämpfen, weit auseinander liegende Speicherpunkte und einige Passagen der Kletter-, Hüpf- und Peitschenschwingaktionen, die zu sehr nach dem Prinzip Try & Error ablaufen, doch insgesamt erlebt man eine gelungene Mischung aus Abenteuer und Action in einer höchst atmosphärischen Verpackung.
WindowsWithingames (Apr 12, 2003)
Ich ging völlig uneingenommen an dieses Spiel heran und habe es von Anfang an nur als das betrachtet, was es auch ist, ein stark actionlastiges Spiel mit wenigen Adventure-Elementen. Anfangs war ich auch ziemlich begeistert und sofort wieder von der tollen Atmosphäre beeindruckt, aber spätestens im zweiten Spielabschnitt in Prag häufen sich die Frustmomente derart, dass ich des Öfteren ins Zweifeln kam, ob ich überhaupt noch weiterspielen soll. Prinzipiell habe ich keine Probleme mit Spielen, die auf ein Speichersystem in den einzelnen Levels verzichten, wie beispielsweise „I´m Going In“ oder „Giants –Citizen Kabuto“, allerdings gibt es dort auch keine Abgründe, in die man dank der ungenauen und hakeligen Steuerung nur allzu oft fällt. Was das Spiel für mich wirklich spielenswert macht, ist die tolle Atmosphäre und Story, die trotz etwas betagt wirkender Grafikengine fast Hollywood-reif präsentiert wird.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jan 19, 2004)
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb is a good enough game. It has its heart in the right place, and it's certainly more true to the characters and feel of the movies than, say, Raiders of the Lost Ark. There's a lot of puzzle solving, some great fighting, that whip, and Indy's affection for his hat. Yet, the further into the game I got, the more I realized that Indiana Jones himself is completely replaceable here. He could be Lara Croft, for example, or maybe American McGee's Indiana Jones.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Jul 09, 2003)
Although well-traveled on the Xbox and PC, everyone's favorite whip-toting archeologist unfortunately makes it to the PlayStation 2 with cursed results.
XboxThe Video Game Critic (May 23, 2008)
Periodic technical flaws tend to reveal the game's PC origins (gasp!), and these include clipping problems, collision detection issues, frame-rate stutters, and misplaced shadows. One time I even found myself walking on thin air! But the biggest liability is the hit-or-miss controls. Sometimes you can grab a ledge, while other times you cannot. Sometimes you can pull a switch, and sometimes you can't. This is not the polish we expect in a console adventure. At least your game is saved automatically (and transparently) on a regular basis, which is a very nice feature. It doesn't capture the unique spirit of the films, but if you can accept Emperor's Tomb for what it is, you'll probably find it worth your while.
WindowsJoystick (French) (May, 2003)
Portage sur PC d'un jeu console, Indiana Jones et le Tombeau de l'Empereur est un soft médiocre. Ses développeurs n'ont assuré que le minimum syndical à tous les niveaux, à l'exception des combats au corps à corps qui sont très réussis. Cet Indiana Jones n'est pas un mauvais jeu, mais nous attendions beaucoup mieux d'une si jolie licence.
50 (Nov 14, 2003)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, jeu énorme ! Indiana Jones et la Machine Infernale, déception intersidérale ! La qualité des jeux marqués du sceau Indiana Jones a souvent été inégale. Et voilà que Lucasarts sort un nouveau volet : Indiana Jones et le Tombeau de l’Empereur. Et en plus, il y a même la bande-annonce du jeu dans le coffret DVD Collector d’Indiana Jones. Alors, déception ou jeu énorme ?
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Jun 25, 2003)
While the game does a lot of things right, severe graphical issues surface at almost every turn and essentially nullify its strong points, leaving behind a game with lots of untapped potential.
XboxNetjak (Apr 14, 2003)
I was quite disappointed in Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb. The reason is dovetailed: On one hand I’m still looking for a game that does the Indiana Jones Trilogy justice. On the other hand, I question the integrity of Lucas Arts, as they produced a bug filled and untimely release. When it is over, said and done; the Emperor’s Tomb just wasn’t executed correctly.