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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
High score table.
Level 1 - The Cross of Coronado
Level 1 - Start
Level 1 - Ducking to avoid a knife.
Level 1 - Caverns
Level 1 - A torch.
Level 1 - Whipping a bad guy.
Level 1 - Cave exit.
Level 1 - On top of the circus train.
Level 1 - Bad guys are also on the train.
Level 2 - The Ascent of Castle Brunwald
Level 2 - Copy Protection - Look up the date in your code book and then enter the right door.
Level 2 - Starting in the catacombs.
Level 2 - Avoid the fire balls dropping from the ceiling.
Level 2 - Climbing down.
Level 2 - Tunnels.
Level 2 - Torch.
Level 2 - Skeletons line the walls... Creepy.
Level 2 - Sir Richard's tomb which hold the shield marker that gives the location of the Holy Grail.
Level 2 - Swinging across a ledge using Indy's trusty whip.
Level 2 - Climbing up.
Level 2 - Climbing a rope.
Level 2 - Made it to where Indy's dad is being held captive.
Level 3 - Onboard the Zeppelin.
Level 3 - Start
Level 3 - Nazi guard.
Level 3 - Radio room.
Level 3 - "Nazis... I HATE THESE GUYS!"
Level 3 - Tail of Zeppelin.
Level 3 - Dining room.
Level 3 - Ladders.
Level 3 - Escaping with a bi-plane.
Level 4 - The Holy Grail
Level 4 - Start
Level 4 - Avoid the saws.
Level 4 - Archways.
Level 4 - Going further inside of the Grail Temple.
Level 4 - The Name of God... Jehovah... But in the Latin Jehovah begins with an I...
Level 4 - The Holy Grail!

Amstrad CPC version

Level 1 opening screen
The beginning
Climbing a rope
Indy bullwhips one of his enemies
Falling down
Indy has to make his way to the other side without falling into the acid
It is getting dark in here
Even Indy's enemies can climb ropes
Level 2 opening screen
Inside the castle
Those human skulls make this castle a horrible place
Some lightning
Level 3 opening screen
Walking around the ship
Climbing a ladder
Radio room
Level 4 opening screen
"I don't see the Holy Grail so far."
Watch out for the razor blades
In between two archways

Atari ST version

Lucasfilm logo
Title screen
Introduction to the first level
Starting the game
Climbing ropes
The high score table.
Young Indy looks for the Cross of Coronado in the first level of the game.
Climbing ropes in the dark cavern.
I got the cross, now it's time to escape!
Jumping onto a train.
Avoid the animals.
The animals can knock you off of the train, so be careful!
Level 2 - Castle Brunwald
The game's copy protection at the start of Level 2. Look up the date in the code chart with the game and then enter the right door.
Look out!
Climbing down into the catacombs under the castle.
Skeletons line the wall. If you're not careful, you'll end up as one too.
The knight's tomb, holds the shield which gives the location of the Holy Grail.
I'm falling!
Climb up the castle walls to rescue Indy's father.
Indy uses his whip to swing.
Climbing up lattuce work on the castle.
Level 3 - The Nazi Zeppelin.
Aboard the zeppelin.
A Nazi guard.
The zeppelin's radio room.
Look out for Nazi guards.
Nazis! I hate these guys! Whack!
The back of the zeppelin.
The grail diary.
The zeppelin's dining room.
Hop into a plane to escape the zeppelin.
Level 4 - The Holy Grail
In the grail temple.
Avoid the traps or die.
You need to get to the end of the temple and get the Grail before Indy's father dies.
Almost there...
At last, the Holy Grail! Now grab it in time to save Indy's dad!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Level 1 - Indy searchs for the Cross of Coronado.
Beginning the game
Carefully climbing ropes...
Watch out for this guy...
Beginning of Level 2: On the Train
The Cross of Coronado is up on that ledge!
Jump over dangerous wild animals
Beginning of Level 3: Choose the right door
Avoid the rats and the great balls of fire
Level 2 - Indy explores some catacombs.
Climbing up the walls of Castle Brunwald.
Up I go!
Beginning of Level 4: Fight your way through the Zeppelin
Level 3 - Aboard the Nazi Zepplin.
The radio room of the zepplin.
The dining room aboard the zepplin.
Beginning of Level 5
Mind the gap
Spelling IEHOVA isn't that hard when there are no other letters to choose from
Watch out for the booby traps!
Got to get to the Grail in time!

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Intro to the first section
Searching for the cross
Climbing a rope
Leaving the caves.
Young Indy on top of the circus train.
Level 1 - A torch is nearby.
Level 1 - Exploring the caverns to find the Cross of Coronado. Watch out for the grave robbers.
Level 1 - On top of the train. A giraffe pokes its head out of the train car.
End of the first level.
Look Up Copy protection. Look up the code and then go through the right door.
Level 2 - The Ascent of Castle Brunwald
Level 2 - Start of the Venice Catacombs.
Level 2 - Watch out for the flame balls dropping from the ceiling.
Level 2 - Indy climbs a rope down further into the catacombs.
Level 2 - This atmosphere of the catacombs can be gloomy as one would aspect.
Level 2 - On a ledge.
Level 2 - Oh rats...
Level 2 - Indy falls into a pit full of bones.
Level 2 - The shield is the second marker to the Holy Grail!
Level 2 - Climbing up the walls of Castle Brunwald.
Level 2 - On a castle window ledge.
Level 2 - Climbing up a lattice.
Level 2 - Swinging with Indy's whip!
Level 3 - On Board the Zeppelin
Level 3 - Starting off on the Zeppelin
Level 3 - A Nazi guard!
Level 3 - Climbing a ladder.
Level 3 - Achtung!
Level 3 - At the front of the zeppelin.
Level 3 - Table and chairs.
Level 4 - The Holy Grail
Level 4 - The start of the Grail temple
Level 4 - Ledges
Level 4 - Arches
Level 4 - The Holy Grail- The Second Trial - The Word of God
Level 4 - Watch out for booby traps!
Level 4 - The Holy Grail, Doctor Jones!

Game Boy version

Selection Screen.
Intro to stage 1.
Here it all begins...
Making your way across the water.
The first boss.
The Cross of Coronado.
Intro to stage 2.
Here goes Indy by train...
Indy must avoid this Rhino horns.
Second boss.
Intro to stage 3.
Avoiding the falling flames.
In the catacombs you must find this pieces of a scroll.
Here's the first.
And the second...
And the third.
Game Over...
that's hurt!

Game Gear version

Title screen.
Title screen 2.
Title screen 3.
High Score Table.
Scene 1 intro.
At the start of each life, your score and stock of lives is shown.
Here it all begins.
Here goes Indy by train.
Come on, you can do better...
Seems that someone's gonna get hurt!
Indy holding his hat during a jump...
Careful where you step.
There's my whip!
Indy gotta do a lot of climbing.
Game over.
Continue screen.

Genesis version

Title screen
Intro to the first chapter
Made it to the high score list
From time to time you'll have to find torches, if not, the screen will be dark
Be careful of those falling spikes
Climbing a rope
And enemy pacing here and there
Using the whip to jump over the water pit
In a cart!

MSX version

Title screen
Selection screen
Jump to the rope, and climb down
Get your whip ready!

NES version

Title Screen.
Selection Screen.
First stage intro.
Here it all starts...
Avoiding the indian attacks.
Making your way through the water.
Sometimes Indy's torch gets worn out, and then all becomes dark.
The Cross of Coronado.
The first boss.
Game Over...

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen.
Title Screen 2.
Title Screen 3.
High Score Table.
Intro to the first scene.
Here it all starts...
Using your whip.
Make your way through the water.
The Coronado Cross.
You're dead.
Intro to scene 2.
Here goes Indy by train.
You must avoid those Rhino horns.
Intro to scene 3.
Indy is falling like the fires of the dungeon...
Game Over...

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Copyright info and credits
The next level.
Let's go.
Climbing a rope.
Against a man with a gun.