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Indy has never whipped so many bats or fireballs in his life Amiga Katakis | カタキス (40787)
One of the weaker Indiana Jones games. DOS Roedie (5252)
Piece of bull Atari ST Hannu Siivonen (18)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 6 3.0
Amstrad CPC 6 2.5
Apple II 5 2.8
Arcade 6 3.2
Atari ST 5 2.1
Commodore 64 7 2.4
DOS 14 2.4
MSX Awaiting 5 votes...
NES 11 2.4
ZX Spectrum 6 2.5
Combined User Score 66 2.6

Critic Reviews

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Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Nov, 1987)
Secondly, it will take you quite a lot of practice to eventually master the game as it is extremely hard. Whether you've fan of the arcade original or you're just after some high adventure - with a few pitfalls thrown in - this is the game for you.
NESTop Secret (May, 1994)
"I. J. & TD" to połączenie osobliwej platformówki ze zręcznościówką. Grafika jest ładna, postacie nieźle animowane, chociaż nie jest to szczyt możliwości. Muzyczka podtrzymuje wątki filmowe, lecz do artyzmu jej daleko. W sumie gra niezła.
Fewer colours and "rollerskating" sprites make the CPC graphics look a little rough, and the scrolling isn't perfect either. It's much harder to stun thuggees with your whip, but this is more a frustration than a challenge.
Overall it's appealing stuff with chunky, pleasant graphics, but the gameplay's a bit lightweight in parts - level 2 is particularly easy - and a day's play should show you most of the variety the game has to offer.
ArcadeThe Atari Times (Apr 09, 2002)
Although I would say that Indy is a nice platformer, there are some annoying things in the game that should have been fixed. The Arabian warrior is incredibly stupid and sometimes when Indy climbs to another platform you can see that a warrior jumps off the platform into his death. It's a miracle that they don't fall out of the mine carts, too. Indy is certainly not a bad game but it is the weakest of Atari's movie arcade games.
Commodore 64Play Time (Dec, 1994)
Da der Schwierigkeitsgrad ziemlich gesalzen ist, wird man etliche Stellen nur durch Übung meistern können, da ein Abspeichern leider nicht möglich ist. Grafik und Sound sind für den kleinen Commodore guter Durchschnitt.
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK) (Dec, 1987)
Tiertex sensibly opted for monochrome graphics, which actually means it comes off best in many ways, avoiding the impressions prevalent in other versions. However, they move jerkily and bear little resemblance to the characters they are based on. It's also annoying, when you've let the tape steam to the end, that the instructions neglect to tell you that this is a multiload game. A lack of definable control keys is a definite drawback, and another frustration is the whip, which doesn't work as fast as the player would want it to. Nevertheless, Indiana Jones can be enjoyable, but you are unlikely to keep returning.
NESVideoGame (May, 1991)
O herói deverá enfrentar todos os perigos do templo da perdição para salvar o príncipe.
ArcadeCommodore User (Feb, 1987)
The graphics are excellent with nice large characters with plenty of detail in them. Indy definitely looks the part and the Thugges look suitably menacing with their pointy beards. Good fun, but only for a short space of time, there are plenty of better things to stick your money into.
Commodore 64Commodore User (Nov, 1987)
This is a close conversion of the original coin-op in the sense that none of the essential elements have been left out. However, there are question marks about the quality of that game in the first place. It is basically too easy. Sure, there is the added challenge of seeing how quickly you can complete the game against a ratio of points scored - but I still feel something more arcade-adventure style would have been better.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Dec, 1987)
Overall, with the option of playing a hard, medium or slow game, the ST Indiana Jones is better than the 8-bit versions but not to the extent that perhaps it could have been.
Atari STYour Computer (Dec, 1987)
Not a big thrill. I'm afraid, and with no new Indiana Jones films in the offing, I can't see it doing particularly well.
Rooms wrap around both horizontally and vertically, and the slight degree of freedom is nice. However, the game’s simple design gets repetitive, although the music based on the movie is nice to hear. If you can make it past all the waves, you get to face Mola Ram and the iconic rope bridge.
42 (May, 2012)
What’s the point of collecting items if they don’t do anything other than look pretty and add to your cool factor? Does it matter? It’s a Temple of Doom, not a Temple of Personal Accommodation.
Amstrad CPCThe Games Machine (UK) (Dec, 1987)
Temple Of Doom has some atmospheric, but bland graphics, which unfortunately don't work - due to the colour scheme, it is difficult to see where the edges of ledges are until it's too late. Also unfair are the guards who are faster than Indy on the ladders, and the scrolling screen is just too small to avoid them with any success. What soundtrack there is is horrendous, adding nothing to the game.
Commodore 6464'er (Apr, 1990)
Auf Grafik und Sound wurde, wie bei Filmumsetzungen leider üblich, nicht allzu viel Wert gelegt. Hauptsache, der Bezug zum Film ist klar. Ein nettes Spiel für Kino-Freaks, aber nicht gerade ein Juwel für die Spielesammlung.
Atari STPower Play (1987)
Das lndiana Jones-Spiel bietet wenig Neues. Drei Geschicklichkeits-Tests, mit einer Prise Leiter- und Kletterspiel abgeschmackt. können heute mehr so recht begeistern. Daran kann auch das prominente Kino-Vorbild nicht viel ändern. Immerhin erinnern einige Szenen an den Film. Schade, daß die Grafik der ST-Version eine Spur zu langsam und ruckartig geraten ist. Mehr Tempo hätte dem Spielspaß nicht geschadet. So präsentiert sich Indiana Jones als durchschnittliches Spiel, das eine Weile Spaß macht, aber rasch langweilig wird.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Oct, 1987)
INDIANA JONES ist eine glatte Enttäuschung. Nach den Vorankündigungen und den durch die Werbung geschürten Erwartungen hatte ich mir von dem Spiel einiges erhofft, doch nichts von alledem wurde erfüllt Die Grafiken sind vielleicht noch akzeptabel, entsprechen aber bei weitem nicht dem ST-Standard, Der Sound dagegen ist schlicht und einfach lächerlich. Was da aus dem Lautsprecher an kläglichem Gepiepse herauskommt, wäre nicht einmal ausreichend, um sich auf dem Spectrum eine mehr als durchschnittliche Note zu verdienen. Die Handlung habe ich oben mit wenigen Worten bereits umrissen, sehr viel mehr läßt sich darüber beim besten Willen nicht sagen. Kurz und gut: Schlecht!
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK) (Dec, 1987)
Indy marches around level one though the Ark had some terrible lasting effect on his gait - and his weapon-wielding seems decidedly dodgy. Racing through tunnels, steering the car whilst fighting off Thugs is a sensation which is sadly lacking, the little mobile cruises through the screen at about the pace of a 1541 disk drive. Not a high quality game graphically, the thing creates sufficient frustration to warrant turning the computer off and loading something else... quickly.
Commodore 64Lemon64 (Feb 03, 2014)
When it comes to this game, the people who played the arcade original are going to feel pretty let down, while those who have only played this version is going to wonder what all the fuss is about. This is simply not a very good game, neither as a conversion or as a standalone game, and that was a conclusion I reached back when I actually had the opportunity to try it as-is on an actual Commodore. Even beyond that, it has not aged well. If you want to try an Atari arcade game that transferred well to the Commodore, go play Marble Madness. Or, even better, Ramparts. They're also somewhat chunkier representations of more graphically detailed games, but at least they retained the best part of the arcade game experience; they were FUN TO PLAY! Compared to those two, this version of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom more resembled the Indy that was forced to drink the blood of Kali; a mindless, giggling wreck of a better man, and one that is in sore need of a flame to the gut.
Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a bad game all the way around. It looks bad, has bad controls, and is way too short. You really don't need to even rescue the children in the first level, they just add more points to your score. Each level can be completed in under 30 seconds.
NESThe Video Game Critic (May 23, 2008)
Ugh! Temple of Doom's graphics are butt-ugly, with repulsive color schemes and pitiful animation. The Michael Jackson-impersonating thugs mindlessly fall from platform to platform, and often hurl themselves directly into the lava. The fighting aspect of the game feels like a complete afterthought. Switching weapons is awkward (hold select while moving the directional pad?!), and firing your gun will instantly kill a bad guy anywhere on the screen! I also find it odd how you can grab the same item over and over again to rack up points. Indiana Jones Temple of Doom is so bad that it made me want to rip someone's heart out, tie them to a metal rack, and lower them into a lava pit. But wouldn't you know it - it turns out that's illegal in Maryland! Temple of Doom's only saving grace is the horrible Last Crusade game for the NES, which makes this look almost respectable by comparison.