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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Choose a difficulty level
Watch out for snakes!
Try to rescue the captive children
Racing in the mine carts...
Can you grab the sacred stone?
Level 2 - There's now conveyor belts in the mine.
Level 3 - Lava is introduced in this level.
Bridge Scene - Get ready player 1.
Bridge Scene - Indy gets ready to leave the Temple of Doom.
Bridge Scene - We're on a bridge, Charlie... er, Indy!
Bridge Scene - Show down with Mola Ram.
Bridge Scene - The bridge is coming down!
Bonus Round - The goal here is to find and whip the golden statue for extra points.
Bonus Round - Watch the bottom of the screen for info about where the golden statue is.
Bonus Round - There's the golden statue!

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen
The Mines
Watch out for Thuggee guards
An unstable bridge
Watch out for sorcerer

Apple II version

Watch out for snakes and those brainwashed cultists
Release the kids
Navigate the mine
Indy's flyin' out of the cart!

Arcade version

Title screen
Select difficulty level
Whip enemies
Life lost
Cart level
In temple
Handy whip
Mola Ram

Atari ST version

Title screen
Beginning the game, choose a difficulty level
Watch out for Thuggee guards and bats!
Indy in the mine carts...
Grab the sacred stone before that trap door opens
Near a stone. Watch out for the lava!
Near the entrance to the mines.
Level 2 - Indy is on a conveyor belt.
Level 3 - Don't fall into the lava!
Level 3 - Watch out for the Thugee guards!
Level 4 - Indy has all three stones, and can now escape the Temple of Doom over a rope bridge.
Level 4 - Indy meets Mola Ram on the bridge for a show down.
Bonus Round: Find and whip the golden statues for extra points.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Level 1: Rescue Kids
Whipping a snake
Busted by one of the Thugee guards
Whipped one guard
Rescued a kid
Mola Ram is here
Little does Indy know that a bird is about to hit him
Level 2: Mine Cart Ride
Oops! Indy's cart has tipped over
Look out, Indy, behind you!
Turning a corner
Reached the end of the line
Level 3: Get the Sankana Stone
Looks like Indy has fallen into the hot lava

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Difficulty selection (EGA)
Indy's trademark whip swinging (EGA)
Climbing a ladder. (EGA)
Mola Ram appears, whip him before he throws a fireball! (EGA)
Being chased by a bat. (EGA)
The only way to beat a thugee guard; shove him off a cliff. (EGA)
Liberated a child. Two more to go. (EGA)
Watch your steps, or you'll be flying. (EGA)
Escape with the mine cart. (EGA)
Start of a mine cart level. (EGA)
Prepare yourself for a crash. (EGA)
Run over the enemy. (EGA)
Whip the guard for extra points. (EGA)
Made it! (EGA)
Start of a temple level. (EGA)
It's time for a lava bath! (EGA)
They've been here for a long time. (EGA)
There it is, the Sankara. (EGA)
Got the Sankara, leaving this level. (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA).
Choosing the Difficulty Level (CGA).
Beware with the Guards! (CGA).
A Trapped Child (CGA).
A Dangerous Situation (CGA).
Second Level (CGA).
Game Over (CGA).

MSX version

Title screen
The mine
Use your whip at the guards!
Use the stairs

NES version

Title screen (Tengen version)
Title screen
Start of a new game
Race along in a mine cart
Watch out for the guards
Walking along the conveyer belts
Level transitions.
Indy swings across a chasm.
Indy falls into lava.
Indy doesn't have much.
Indy avoids some spikes.
Indy dodges a boulder.
Indy confronts a snake.
Indy is about to take a dip.
Indy watches a bad guy fall down a chute and into lava.
Indy sees...dragons?! I don't remember that in the movie...

ZX Spectrum version

Splash screen displayed as game starts to load, there's an accompanying bit od Indy music too
Must stop the tape at the right time. This screen flashes between red grey grey/red
Ready to go.....
Indy must fight his way between platforms. He starts in this area and he's alone (apart from the snake)
.. but he's not alone for long. When caught neither the bad guys nor Indy dies, they just sit down and rub their heads. Still a life lost tho'
Two bad guys and a snake! No problem. The good thing is that when Indy's caught he restarts in the same place with no-one nearby
About to get up the ladder and the bad guys get up and catch me!
A bit further on and I can stand here zapping the bad guys as they climb the ladder
Only there's a guy in the bottom right who throws something at me and finishes me off
That looks like the end
Game over