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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Apple II (US):
    Hack your way through the steaming, tangled Mexian jungle. Fight off the onrush of vertigo as you grope through the treacherous, tunnel maze in the treasure-laden Tepotzteco Pyramid. Tighten your grip as you dangle from the wing of an airborne World War I DeHavilland.

    Whatever it takes, INDIANA JONES, you must stop the cruel Nazi, Plebinheim, and his SS thugs from unleashing the power of the Mazatec Power Key against the world.

    Vicious bats, venomous snakes, marauding bandits - even for the daring INDIANA JONES, this is going to be tough!

    An all-text adventure that features:

  • Advanced techniques that allow you to give commands in plain English
  • Fully developed characters that respond realistically
  • Detailed prose that transports you to the setting

    Contributed by Matt Wheeler (4) on Nov 26, 2007.