Indigo Prophecy Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

European title screen.

Windows version

Loading Screen
Animated Menu
Intro: Lucas Kane tells his story
Intro: It's snowing in New York
Intro: The place where it all begins
A corpse, and a cop just a door away
Has Lucas enough power to drag the corpse?
Cleaning up
Carla and Tyler arrive at the crime scene
Lucas Kane's flat is as desolate as his soul
Carla and NYPD in split screens
NYPD office
Tyler and Samantha sleeping
Carla Valenti in her apartment
Wine for two
Tyler's place
Tyler's dancing with Sam while you're playing, um, something like DDR
Cold, cold winter in New York
Lucas on the run
Beautifully arranged split screens
Strangely enough, the boss fight is right in the middle of the game
Better get ready now!
Lucas gains supernatural powers, it seems
This does look suspiciously like The Matrix
Difficult decision: will Tyler stay with Sam or leave?
Last Kiss? Or the first kiss of their new future?
Special movies can be unlocked with bonus points
Songs from the soundtrack can be unlocked with bonus points
Artwork can be unlocked with bonus points
Indigo Child

Xbox version

The start screen
The main menu screen
You can select completed chapters to replay from this screen
Some levels allow you to choose witch character you wish to play as
And so the story starts...
Through the eyes of a killer
The nightmare begins with the murder of this innocent man
Hide the body, or leave it to be found
Pay the bill if you don't want to around suspicion
Detectives arriving at the crime scene
You only have a short space of time to ask questions
Talking to the officer who discovered a body
Reminiscing on happy or sad events will affect your mood
Cop is at the door, better remove anything suspicous out of plain sight
Telling the truth to your brother, the priest
Saving the boy's life will let the cop who recognized you look the other way
A warning pops up before the action starts!
Some actions require you to move the thumb sticks in the right direction
The thumb sticks are also used to open draws use computers etc..
You have to be quick in some scenarios!
Getting the balance with the left and right triggers is important in this part of the game
using the face builder to try and identify Lucas
At the precinct
Bonus cards can be found just about anywhere!
The pause menu lets you see your mental status among other things
A time for romance
Shower scene
Listing to music helps Lucas relax a little bit
Playing a guitar
A moment with your ex might even end up in a playable sex scene
Cups of coffee can increase your characters mental state
Getting arrested ends your game
This prisoner seen to know a lot about whats going on
Just who is this little girl Lucas sees in his dreams?
This cops have no idea what's in store for them
A daring rescue
Lucas and detective at the cemetery... will they team up or go guns blazing on each other
Guess detective really trusts Lucas and is not going anywhere

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