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Infestation Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Infestation logo
Kal Solar is transported to infested colony (from intro)
Title screen
Main menu
Main menu (French version)
Basic information about alien eggs
Vicious moon marauders are approaching
Sentry robots are defenders of the base
Destroyed first enemy but more comes
This big radar station can't be destroyed
It's possible to adjust display of the helmet
Just found another one deserted terminal
Orange sun is rising over the planet Xelos
Game over screen

Atari ST version

Title screen
A bug
Main menu
Description on an item you might find on the surface
Time to start
That's a radar
A bug in sight
Game over

DOS version

Psygnosis presents
Language selection
Splash screen
Main menu
Briefing the player on the in-game objects
A useful heads-up display of radar and targeting systems
The HUD will also deliver less-useful information
Monitoring my stats as a bug munches on my leg
Discharging my weapon fruitlessly
Here, on the other hand, I burst enemy bugs like popcorn kernels!
Much to my dismay, following some furious combat, I found myself expired.
Terminal at coordinates 56, 49
Access terminal with F2, type in KAL SOLAR and you will see TRANSPORTER ACTIVATED at the bottom of the screen
Defender within the colony
Alien Egg, one of the 167
Guardian, the radiation from him can kill you!
Infestation credits

FM Towns version

Title screen
Language selection screen, as you can see in addition to Japanese, the FM Towns version also supports English, French and German
A Herman Serrano picture of a robotic insect in an organic world
Main menu in Japanese mode
Viewing in-game objects (Japanese mode)
Start of the game in English mode
Pressing 1 brings up the Navigation computer (Japanese mode)
Game Over screen (Japanese mode)
Checking the status (Japanese mode)
When set to Japanese, the game technically runs at 640x480 but only the font makes use of it