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atari kombinera

Infiltrator Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen and credits
Mission briefing
Mission briefing continued
Get ready to take off
A view from the cockpit.
We're flying.
I am receiving an incoming transmission.
I am responding that I am the infiltrator.
Whew! Correct choice.
Was it something I said? Incorrect selection.
I have been hit.
There is the jet.
I crashed.
I blew it.

Apple II version

Title screen
Mission briefing
Prepare for takeoff!
In the cockpit of your helicopter.
Computer terminal
Damage and general status
"Eat lead and die you slimy rodent" - Radio messages like these kind of ruin things.
Crashed and died.
Ground mission start
Walking on foot.
Enemy compound.
Sneaking around the enemy base.
Inside a building.
Be careful around the guards.
Gasing a guard.
Another enemy building.

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen and credits
Mission briefing
Mission briefing continued.
Get ready to take off.
A view from the cockpit
We're flying.
There is a jet.
I am receiving an incoming transmission.
I am responding that I am the overlord.
Was it something I said? Incorrect selection.
I have been hit.
This will NOT be good for my complexion.
Ready to start the first ground mission
Walking through the forest outside the enemy compound.
Entering the enemy compound.
Walking through the enemy compound.
Gassing an uncooperative guard with sleeping gas.
Your inventory.
Changing your uniform.
Inserting a security card.
Photographing the enemy's war plans.
Before a security door.
There's an elevator here.
Searching a room.
Showed your fake papers to a guard.
Getting ready to fly back to your base.
Successfully completed the first mission.
Mission briefing for mission two.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Mission breifing
Mission briefing continued
Prepare for takeoff
Flying in chopper
Jet nearby
Tactical map.
Requests ID
Damage and weapons status report.
Mission 1 - Standing beside my helicopter at the start of the mission.
Mission 1 - The enemy compound.
Mission 1 - Guards will ask for papers from you.
Mission 1 - Alarm Control Room
Mission 1 - Enemy building.
Mission 1 - A guard asks for your papers.
Mission 1 - Inside of an enemy building.
Mission 1 - Inventory screen.
Mission 1 - Changing my uniform.
Mission 1 - Now I'm dressed as a janitor which fools most of the guards.
Mission 1 - Security Door Control Room.
Mission 1 - Building.
Mission 1 - Ammo supply room.
Mission 1 - Found the security passcard.
Mission 1 - Taking a picture of enemy plans.
The first mission completed... two more to go!
Mission 2 - Enemy compound.
Mission 2 - Start of the mission.
Mission 2 - The prison building where Dr. Gump is being held.
Mission 2 - Searching a room for hidden objects.
Mission 2 - Dr. Gump's cell.
Mission 2 - Lab building.
Mission 2 - Inside the weapon's lab.
Mission 3 - Start of the mission.
Mission 3 - Enemy gate.
Mission 3 - Enemy building.
Mission 3 - Another building.
Mission 3 - The Mad Leader's ICBM launch silos.
Mission 3 - ICBM control building.
Mission 3 - Setting a charge to blew up a ICBM control room.

DOS version

Title screen
Prepare for take off
Cockpit view
Damage screen
Mission map
Communication panel
Enemy fighter in sight
You are dead !
Ground mission: Starting off near your helicopter.
Ground mission: The enemy compound.
Ground mission: Inside a building having your fake papers checked out by a guard.
Ground mission: Your inventory
Ground mission: An enemy guard wants to talk to you...
Ground mission: Entering a building through an elevator.
Ground mission: Walking down a hallway.
Ground mission: A locked door... You'll have to find a way to open it.
Ground mission: Searching through drawers can sometimes reveal helpful items.
Ground mission: Another enemy building.
Ground mission: Ammo room!
Ground mission: A security slot...

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Mission briefing
Loading the mission
Control selection
Ready for take-off