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Inindo: Way of the Ninja Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Exploring a cave.
Partying on the field.
Rat attack!!
Surprise attack in the village. There's no chance...
Going shopping.
The ninja village is being overrun by the enemy.

MSX version

Koei Logo
Credits screen
Title screen
The game starts in a village.
Another house and a person to talk to.
This guy tells you a long story.
When this dialog screen closes you start running and you are later stopped. Mayby even captured!
Should you fight or do some hard work?

PC-88 version

Starting location
Battle against Nobunaga soldiers
Status screen
World map, near the home village, during the day
World map at night
Dungeon exploration
Fighting rats
Finally, a big city!
Trying to convince this guy to join
The cities look similar
No pasaran!..
Enemy attack in progress

PC-98 version

Starting the adventure
Character information
World map, outside of the home village
As the night falls, the screen darkens...
Dungeon exploration
Dungeon battle
This is supposed to be a big city?..
Unspectacular inn menu...
Castle entrance
This is all you can see in castles. Everything is menu-based
Oh no, I'm dead!..
Going to see a doctor
That's it. This is the end of my journey. Suicide is the only option

SNES version

Title screen
Some historical information...
Revenge, revenge!
Your commander is talking to you
Starting in a small village
Character information
Boss battle against Nobunaga soldiers. You can choose near or far attacks
World map by night...
...and during the day
Your first dungeon
Fighting some rats
Cut scene
Visiting an inn
Weapons store
In a large town
Castle entrance
Randomly attacked on the world map
Another dungeon
Fighting some weird guys