Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box:
    Battle action on the high seas. Deploy fleets of ship. Lay mines. Use diversion tactics. It's your strategy and skill on the line. Engage in sea combat and battle it out. Go full ahead to capture opponent's home base - Victory!

    * Deploy fleets: Aircraft Carrier, Troop Transport, Battleships, Submarine, Destroyers, PT Boats, Mine Layer, Mine Sweeper.
    * Protect your harbor. Lay mines and lure enemy into the mine zone.
    * Change strategy! Get back to home base and deploy a stronger fleet!
    * Go for a quick victory! Divert the enemy. Sneak into his harbor - attack!
    * Simulated sounds! Sonar echo... call-to-battle stations...torpedo & gun sounds! Ship aground...Victory!

    Contributed by RKL (5736) on Oct 06, 2003.

Intellivision catalog description:
    Destroyers, battleships, submarines, minesweepers, and aircraft carriers! You're the Admiral, and your mission is to rid the seas of the enemy fleet.

    Start by setting a strategy. Lay invisible minefields where you think the big enemy ships will travel. But be careful, because the other Admiral is laying mines to foil you...

    Battle stations! Now you slug it out with shells, torpedoes, and naval tactics. Sleek battleships are waiting to pounce on sluggish minesweepers. You can't relax for a minute.

    But who worries about the torpedoes, you say. Full speed ahead!

    Contributed by RKL (5736) on Oct 06, 2003.