Shark! Shark! Ad Blurbs (Intellivision)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Intellivision (US):

    You are a very ambitious little fish ... surrounded by the gulping underwater crowd! These are nasty, sneaky, big-mouthed aquatic devils that would swallow you up in no time ... plus the real-slick, fast-turning black sharks that just love keeping you in their stomachs. But you're smarter ... and sly-mouthed too! ... and why let them DEVOUR you?

    Nibble at the same shark's tail several times ... and he's dead! But watch out, he turns around on you faster than you can blink!

    Grow bigger by gulping smaller fish! Then eat up the sea-horses, and kill the crabs and lobsters. Then watch the jellyfish appear. He's trouble!

    • Either one or two players vs. the computer in a ceaseless devour-at-first-sight underwater struggle that chills your bones ... and sharpens your appetite!
    • Four game speeds to challenge your reflexes! Each player gets 5 small fish to start!
    • Earn points by feeding on smaller fish and growing! Or by biting a shark's tail! Get bonus points different ways and snap your score up with smart attacks!
    • Win by staying alive!

    Contributed by Abuebao (31) on Mar 08, 2014.

Intellivision catalog description:
    It's survival of the fittest in the deep, dark waters of the ocean. And you're just a little fish! You must eat smaller fish to stay alive and grow. But you're not the only one struggling for survival. Bigger fish are out to eat you. Beware, the most feared predator of all is on your tail. Shark, Shark! One or two-player action.

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Oct 06, 2003.