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The graphics are pretty standard for Intellivision, with a rather limited concept of the ocean. You’ll never actually "see" anything underwater except flak. The enemy destroyers loom larger as you approach, the view shakes as depth charges explode, and water color changes with your depth. The sounds are superb, from the explosions that get louder the closer they are (nice touch) to the sub’s engine roar, to the terrific end game theme ("Flight of the Valkyries"), everything adds to the experience. The gameplay is really where it’s at, though. Loads of strategy as you find a good approach route, try to surprise the enemy fleet, line them up and time your torpedo salvoes, all while avoiding getting yourself killed. Laying silent and laying low was never so much fun. Seek out this highly underrated game and see for yourself.
Sub Hunt gives you very basic submarine controls. The controls do need some improvement though because trying to get an enemy in your sight is more difficult than it should be. After a while the game will start to get repetitive since each convoy battle takes some time and you have to defeat six of them for the game to end.
Tilt (Jan, 1983)
Les difficultés du jeu sont bien dosées ; elles font varier le nombre de vaisseaux ennemis, leur vitesse, et leur force de frappe. On regrettera pourtant que les situations stratégiques soient trop répétitives. Une petite goutte (c'est le cas de le dire) d'aléatoire aurait rendu cette spectaculaire simulation plus intéressante. Mais vraiment, on s'y croirait ! Jeu solitaire.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 31, 2009)
This game takes forever to play, and casual players will hit the power switch long before burning through their remaining subs. The instructions indicate this is a one or two player game, but I don't know how a second player would participate. Sub Hunt is definitely challenging and requires a certain amount of technique, but only the most patient, dedicated gamers will persevere.