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neXGam (Jul 27, 2012)
Akustisch beschränkt man sich auch auf Schusseffekte. Eine Titelmelodie oder ähnliches sucht man hier vergeblich. Aber auch vom Gesamteindruck her kann man sagen, dass Mattel hiermit keinen Blumentopf gewinnen wird, denn nicht nur die Technik, sondern auch die Spiele selbst sind einfach zu primitiv um auf längere Sicht unterhalten zu können. Außerdem schreckt hier noch zusätzlich ab, dass man die Spiele nur zu zweit spielen kann.
Tilt (Nov, 1982)
Le type d'action de cette cassette n'apparaîtra certainement pas aux possesseurs d'autres cassettes comme vraiment nouveau. Mais pour les acquéreurs d'Intellivision qui veulent se reposer des exercices compliqués, Triple Action est une acquisition valable.
"Battle Tanks" and "Car Racing" are worth an initial play and not much more. Atari had already done this kind of bare-bones tank battle game better with the humble Combat; "Battle Tanks" adds little else. And any novelty "Car Racing" might have aspired to had already been claimed by handheld and arcade games which were probably less hypnotically dull. Armor Battle and Auto Racing, already available from Intellivision at the time of this cartridge's release, made these two weaker versions superfluous. The verdict is simple: Play "Biplanes," be happy.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 18, 2007)
Could I get a little realism here people?? What appears to be a hot-air balloon occasionally floats across the screen, but my friend Jonathan explained that it's actually the exclamation point in the phrase "THIS SUCKS!" If the three games have one thing in common, it's the fact that you're more likely to kill yourself than die at the hands of your opponent. My friend Scott actually employed the strategy of "just let the other guy die" without making much of an effort to do anything.