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International 3D Tennis Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Game options screen
Starting a new match
A game in progress
One of many camera angles
The scoreboard

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Game options.
Player entry.
First tournaments.
Adelaide details.
The next match.
Ready to serve.
A camera angle.
Return the ball.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Game options
A view from the side
The score board
The results
Time to start
This view is of little practical use
Grass is not the only thing you can play on
Tournament entry
Tournament selection
Tournament details
How much will I earn?
Season progress report

Commodore 64 version

Game options screen
A game in progress
Waiting for a serve with one of the alternate camera angles
The scoreboard
The tournament introduction screen

ZX Spectrum version

After a 'Say no to drugs' screen, this screen displays as the game loads
Its followed by the company logo and developer credits ....
The game's main menu screen
The game Tournament menu where difficulty can be set.
This is a selection of the tournaments that can be played. There are ten screens like this - which makes eighty tournaments in all
The season tournament menu
This is taken from the game's demo mode at the start of a match
The game has a realistic scoreboard, shown here at the start of a match
The demonstration match is underway. I found the balls shadow to be a bit of a distraction
Alternate views of the game are possible.
Another view of the match
The start of a 'real' match against the computer
The players face off against each other
After a view of the scoreboard the player take to the court
The computers return of serve is out of court. Just as well because the action keys to move the player are really complicated
Player 1 to serve, while waiting the computer player sways from side to side just like the real players
Switching the viewpoint would really help in situations where the return of serve goes out of shot