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Invasion Force Screenshots

User Screenshots

ZX81 version

Title screen and instructions
More instructions
Two difficulties
Starting out
Shooting towards the enemy
Watch out for bombs
I got hit
The enemy is damaged
I've got a few hits on the grey area, a few more and it goes down
The enemy explodes
First level completed
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Nah, I'll take the easy game
Starting out
Missiles return when hitting the force field
I was hit
The Artic truck comes for repairs
Some damage done on the enemy
Game over
loading screen.
Information Screen.
The Mother-ship was hit... (visually it's like a convulsion of flashes when it happens)
...and destroyed
Be aware because the difficulty will rise.
Transporting the player to the next level.
This is very interesting because it's the capture of the frame before the bird (do all of these games had to have birds on it...? why not cats or tapirs for example?)
One life is lost.
Hall of fame. (Do you think it's politely correct to have your name on every Hall of Fame of every game you've played? Do you..?) ...eerr