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Atari Asteroids

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Touch Arcade (Jul 26, 2012)
This is a game you need. In fact, download it, tell two friends to download it, and tell them to do the same. You won't be disappointed.
Modojo (2012)
Is there an end for this endless-runner? Well, according to a scoreboard in the basement, hitting that magical 10000000 cumulative total leads to freedom. We'll have to let you know what happens when we get there, and you can be sure we'll reach it, because when we come to compile our games of the year this December, 10000000 will have a very high position on that list.
TouchGen (Aug 30, 2012)
I absolutely fell in love with 10000000. It seamlessly blends multiple genres in a way I have not seen since PuzzleQuest. It has a tastefully executed 8-bit music and art style that is a joy. Other than a couple of small control issues, this game is nearly perfect and I have no problem recommending it to anyone.
GameZebo (Jul 31, 2012)
If you’re getting a little burned out on the idea of match-3 mixing with role playing, 10000000 probably won’t do much to change your mind. Then again, if you’re a little burned out on the idea of match-3 mixing with role-playing, you’re probably not very much fun, and I don’t want to talk to you. For the rest of us though, 10000000 offers up another great example of genre mashups done right. Congratulations – we’ve just found your next month-long addiction.
148apps (Aug 03, 2012)
10000000 may have an ambiguous title that's hard to read due to the lack of commas, but what lies beneath is an extremely addictive match-3 and RPG hybrid.
Digital Spy (Aug 06, 2012)
Resources can also be used to open shops, which can upgrade your weapons, magic and skills to help you survive further into the dungeon. Each dungeon run is scored, with your ultimate goal to reach a score of 10,000,000, hence the game's title. It will take dozens upon dozens of attempts to even come close to that score, but each failure is met with the compulsion to try just one more time in this addicting RPG puzzler.
4Players.de (Jan 22, 2013)
Nur noch ein Spiel. Dieses Mal kann ich es schaffen. Verdammt, mir fehlt noch eine Million! Okay, noch eins. Und ehe man sich versieht, ist doch wieder eine halbe oder ganze Stunde vorbei. Es ist erstaunlich, mit welch einfachen Mitteln 10.000.000 immer wieder motiviert: Ein paar Charakter- und Waffenverbesserungen hier, eine Echtzeit-Komponente dort und schon geht der motivierende Spaß im Match-3-Stil los. Doch in der Einfachheit liegt auch die Crux. Schaut man sich andere Titel wie PuzzleQuest an, die das Kombosammeln mit Rollenspiel verbinden, kratzt man hier nur an der Oberfläche. Es gibt auf Dauer zu wenig Abwechslung, der Spielverlauf entwickelt sich ab einem Punkt nicht weiter und verlässt sich nur auf stärkere Monster. Zusätzlich ist die Ausschüttung der Symbole mitunter arg zufällig und führt zu Situationen, in denen man unter Zeitdruck nach "dem einen" sucht, in der Hoffnung, eine Kette zu starten, die einem noch den Hintern retten kann.
Quarter to Three (Aug 02, 2012)
All the cool stuff 1000000 gets right — the strategy, the long-term persistence, the loot, the leveling up — falls apart when I have to back up and align two tiles just so in order to convince the game that I want to move in the direction I want to move. It doesn’t happen often. But it happens regularly enough to kill what would otherwise be a pretty cool game.

Atari Asteroids