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12 orbits Credits (iPad)

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12 orbits Credits


Testing and IdeasFriends and Family, Thanks to all of you
Game Design and DevelopmentRoman Uhlig
Using Music byChris Young (10µF), Jonathan Sorge (Synth Bliss), Strawberry Zaquiri [Final Moments], Robson Cozendey (Light Latt), Mathias Richter (longing), montawk [Drive]
Using Fonts byTypodermic [World of Water], Dalton Maag - Canonical [Ubuntu], total FontGeek [Signes Digital NBP], [BPdotsUnicase]
Using Sounds byKenney Vleugels (Digital SFX Set), legoluft [Sounds of , ThompsonMan [beeps], Anko6 [pop]
I would also like to thankAngus Johnson (Clipper Library)

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