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Windows Phone App store description:
    Enjoy the visions from the mystical world of Azkend in a puzzle game polished to perfection!


    "This really is a retail or Xbox LIVE Arcade quality title in the palm of your hand"
    -GameForward score: 5/5

    "We don’t use the words beautiful or console-quality lightly"

    "Once you start playing you are hooked"


    The Relic your archeological team discovered in Far Asia proved to be more powerful than anyone knew. Now you must lift the Relic's curse by reaching the Temple of Time and returning the Relic to where it belongs.

    Earn up to eight talismans and unleash their powers to hasten your quest. Enjoy breathtaking sceneries on your fascinating journey. Immerse yourself in the rich and relaxing atmosphere. Indulge in hours of entertainment in two game modes.

    Step into the exciting world of Azkend!


    Perfect controls, enthralling graphics and addictive gameplay highlight the uncompromised quality in this hit game for Windows Phone 8.


    - Enjoyable and unique game play
    - Perfect touch controls
    - Captivating story
    - Hours of puzzling
    - Two game modes
    - Eight powerful talismans
    - Beautiful hand drawn sceneries
    - Stunning visual effects


    - Match tiles to break them
    - Make matches by sliding your finger over three or more like tiles

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22275) on Jul 21, 2014.
    Discover the secrets of an ancient relic, and its deadly curse, using your Match 3 skills! Summon powerful lightning storms to help you clear the board, and uncover the truth behind this unknown artifact. Collect unique talismans with special powers as you progress. Travel all across Asia on your journey for a cure to your mysterious ailment, and figure out the dangerous Azkend!
    • Addicting gameplay
    • Incredible Power-ups
    • Remove the curse of Azkend!
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    Contributed by jaXen (205915) on Aug 23, 2009.