Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Main Menu
Mission briefing
The game includes a tutorial mode
Tutorial mode - learning how to shoot an enemy
Tutorial mode - learning how to move. The numbers indicate the action points spent.
Tutorial mode - learning how to fight in melee.
Tutorial mode - walking through this gas cloud is not very healthy...
Tutorial mode - as long as a unit remains next to the crate of medical supplies, it regains its health automatically.
Tutorial mode - ordering an air strike.
The story begins...
Prof Brightmeer briefs the British soldiers about the Cult of the Awakened.
Putting the medical crate to good use.
Your first objective: get rid of the enemies in your trench.
Enemy turn.
Captain Hill attacks.
If a soldier has action points left, they can get into "Overwatch" mode, allowing them to shoot the enemy during his turn if he's into range.
Gas masks offer some protection, but these clouds remain lethal.
The homing pigeon allows to call the air strike, but he takes several turns to get back.
The Cult of the Awakened is making its move.
After shooting quite a few enemies, Captain Hill becomes more skilled with handguns.
This Cultist was shot down before he could reach Brightmeer.
Two Cultists have reached the professor.
These "storm troopers" are more dangerous than the average soldier.
For a bookworm, Brightmeer is quite the marksman.
I love the smell of air strike in the morning...
Mission completed!
Time to spend some XP to upgrade my boys.
Getting some supplies before the next mission.