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Touch Arcade (Oct 08, 2013)
Inconsistent controls never ruined The Cave’s great writing and brain-teasers. I’m also always more invested in a game when it’s pacing lends itself to lengthy iPad sessions, instead of the miniature gameplay of most mobile games. And sure, this isn’t Double Fine’s best effort, yet it remains more interesting and charismatic than most puzzle-adventure games that pop-up on the app store, regularly. Making it worth every beat of your adventurous heart… assuming your heart is as big as mine.
148apps (Oct 07, 2013)
At its core, The Cave could have been a compelling return to a genre that had been long dormant. Unfortunately the execution on this promise was far more subpar than its potential subject matter. With a control patch there is still a chance that the title could be redeemed, but in its current state it isn’t worth the unnecessary irritation that it will undoubtedly cause.
Modojo (Oct 03, 2013)
It's hard to recommend The Cave to a mainstream audience, mainly due to its faulty touch controls and tedious pace. However, if you're a Gilbert fan or want an offbeat title that'll keep you busy for a few hours, dive into this dark place.
Pocket Gamer UK (Oct 03, 2013)
The Cave is a really disappointing adventure. It's not very funny, not very clever, and those finicky touchscreen controls are a regular source of frustration