City Story Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Title screen
Great. I'm a mayor!
Main in-game menu
Level up!
This funny guy gives you advices :)
You use materials to construct buildings
Available decorations
You earn awards by completing activities
The city grows...
This is one Buddhist city!
Lots of construction in progress!
Capturing screenshots
This city looks too clean to me...
I really wouldn't like to live here... too symmetrical
Zooming in
My statistics
This Statue of Liberty is totally out of place...
Oh wow! This is a very impressive high-level city
Another high-level city - zoomed out. Lots of rich apartment complexes
This is the weirdest city planning I've ever seen
Nice - a big park right int he center!
Cool - I'm popular!..
Messages & gifts
Making contracts with the factories. Need to finance that new church!