Crush the Castle Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Title / main menu
Continent Arcturia
Arcturia Black Shores
The first to die - game start
The deadly Trebuchet siege weapon
Bronze Silver Gold medals for crushing castles
The royal at the top
Siege progress also provides improved ammunition
Castle fortification materials progress as well from wood, stone and iron
Wait for it.....
Simple but tough - iron construction with angle supports
Explosive ammo
Siege Master
Construct your own castles
Fire Bomb ammo great for wooden structures
Iron is no match against the evil potion ammo
HD version - new continent Armor Isles
HD version - Murder of Crows ammo with a hoard of hungry black crows
The hoard of hungry black crows feed until nothing remains
HD version - Moonstone ammo is magnetic for a short time and can pull key iron supports out of position