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Danmaku Unlimited 2 is a vertical shoot 'em up. There are two selectable sets of rules: Burst and Classic. One of the two is chosen in every game mode, arcade, boss rush, free play (a one-level play, with all levels available from the beginning).

The game's ship is the Senko fighter. It is provided with a standard weapon and the capability of entering, when the Trance bar fills, Trance mode, releasing a very powerful attack (functionally corresponding to a "smart bomb") and turning into a score-boosting yellow star every Senko shot reaching a target. The Trance bar is filled by what is termed "grazing bullets" in game: having enemy bullets pass very close to the ship, without being hit. It is the player to choose when to release its power.

The Senko has an other weapon, the beam: in Burst mode it is tied to an energy meter, which rises by collection of blue orbs released by eliminated enemies (and, also, when the Senko is hit), and it turns enemies and bullets it hits into score-multiplying rewards (it is not a requisite the meter be full to use the beam: however, its power and duration are in proportion to the quantity of accumulated energy). The Classic mode beam is a diverse weapon, equal to the standard of beams in shoot 'em ups: it can be used the whole time, its shots are directed to one target only but more powerful than the primary weapon's, the ship movement speed is approximately halved while it is in use, and it benefits from an automatic homing function when half-level secondary, and end level bosses are confronted; it doesn't transform enemies and their projectiles into score bonuses. Defence is granted by the ADS system: it dispels bullets in the nearby space when the Senko is hit. The ADS system consumes its energy when activating, and the Senko is destroyed when it gets hit while shields have no more energy.

All together, score boosting is achieved through: collecting golden stars (while in Trance mode), orbs (released by enemies when annihilated from short distance. A bonus score based on the gathered quantity is awarded at the end of the level), grazing enemy bullets (which grants points in the middle of the action, plus, much more substantively, at the end of levels), getting blue orbs released by put down enemies (only in Burst mode) and, above all, by raising the score multiplier, increasing with orbs and, more, during Trance mode (depending on certain conditions, the multiplier remains unchanged, is halved, or returns to zero when the Senko is hit).

Save for enemies smashed by a single hit, the percentage of inflicted damage to any of them is permanently displayed. At the end of a game and based on the score, we earn experience points (determining no concrete effect but granting new statuses: sergeant, flight lieutenant, etc.) and credits to get more lives and continues as well as increase the power of weapons and shields. There are four difficulty settings.


Danmaku Unlimited 2 iPad My rank is Ensign
Danmaku Unlimited 2 iPad Select your free power up
Danmaku Unlimited 2 iPad I have filled my Trance meter and entered Trance mode
Danmaku Unlimited 2 iPad I have activated my Beam

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