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Slide to Play (Jul 05, 2013)
I played the game on launch day and dealt with crashes rather frequently, so save often to avoiding repeating tough sections. This will hopefully be fixed in future updates. Regardless of the small issues with AI and crashes, Deus Ex: The Fall is must play experience that no iOS gamer should miss.
Touch Arcade (Jul 10, 2013)
If you're like me and aren't up to snuff with your knowledge of previous Deus Ex games and are worried if you'll be able to get enjoyment out of The Fall, I think that you will. I certainly have. If you're a Deus Ex fan who was upset that the new game is mobile only, I still think it's worth giving a chance, and you might be pleasantly surprised. Impressions in our forums have been overwhelmingly positive, and for all future top-tier action games on iOS, the bar has been set high with the release of Deus Ex: The Fall.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jul 10, 2013)
An ambitious, flawed, but ultimately entertaining FPS, Deus Ex: The Fall is well worth a look
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Jul 11, 2013)
Man kan dog ikke ignorere at Deus Ex: The Fall på alle måder er en mindre Deus Ex-oplevelse end Human Revolution. Men den er stadig en lækker småbid af universet og et rigtigt godt bud på, hvordan man kan skabe ganske imponerende og konsol-agtig underholdning på en touch-enhed. Nu er det bare at vente på næste del.
MacLife (Jul 11, 2013)
Defying expectations, Deus Ex: The Fall is a slick-looking, enjoyable offshoot — and while it doesn't feature quite the same level of depth or versatility as other games in the series, it's still a staggering achievement for iOS.
IGN Italia (Jul 15, 2013)
Deus Ex: The Fall è un ottimo esempio di come oggi, per una manciata di euro, si possa avere anche su uno smartphone e un tablet un titolo "da console" bello da vedere, vario e profondo. I difetti non mancano (controlli touch non ancora perfetti, scontri a fuoco imprecisi, trama un po' tortuosa, IA nemica da rispedire al mittente), ma i pregi sono moltissimi. Ottimo comparto grafico, esplorazione, plot denso di personaggi, elementi ruolistici profondi, sezioni stealth e una buona libertà di approccio per un titolo che farà ricredere anche i più fieri detrattori del gaming mobile.
148apps (Jul 15, 2013)
If it sounds like I’m ripping on Deus Ex: The Fall it’s only because I care so much. It legitimately feels like someone took the console experience and just shrunk it down. A few concessions had to be made, such as character model diversity and a lengthier campaign, but in the grand scheme of things those aren’t so bad. I honestly can’t wait to see what else is in store for the series.
GameZebo (Jul 15, 2013)
Even with these problems, Deus Ex: The Fall sets a precedent for first-person shooters on mobile. The touch controls are the best among mobile shooters, and the story does a great job complementing them. There’s a ton of customization, from abilities to weapons and weapon upgrades, and it’s unfortunately impossible to even begin to taste the depth of the arsenal in a single playthough. The Fall misses its shot a few times, but the targets it hits more than make up for a few mistakes. If your hardware can handle it, The Fall is well worth your time.
GamingTrend (Jul, 2013)
Deus Ex: The Fall may not have been the game we were asking for, but it’s definitely a worthy addition to the franchise. Its less-than-stellar controls and a handful of bugs keep The Fall from being truly great, but if you’re looking to hop back into the yellow-tinted world of human augmentation, seven dollars isn’t a bad price to pay for sneaking around and reading everyone’s emails.
Game Over Online (Aug 03, 2013)
Unsurprisingly, The Fall finishes with an ending that leads on to another yet unwritten chapter of the Deus Ex saga. When compared to the PC and console games, I would say there is enough material in The Fall for one, or if you really push it, maybe two chapters of a typical Deus Ex corpus. The story is incredibly rich. Veterans of the franchise will appreciate the references to the NSF, Versalife, Bob Page, Gunther Hermann, etc. — so much so that any Deus Ex fan ought to check this game out.
RPG Site (Jul 22, 2013)
If you’re invested in the Deus Ex universe, are just looking for another slice of the series or simply want a serviceable tablet RPG, The Fall is ideal and an admirable first experiment of this kind from Square Enix. There’s a way to go, but this is a solid if clunky step in the right direction for ‘AAA’ mobile games.
Eurogamer.it (Jul 15, 2013)
Se siete dei fan sfegatati, giocatelo e saprete cosa succede dopo la fine del libro Icarus Effect. Ma vi avverto nel caso vogliate comprarlo per giocarlo sotto l´ombrellone: in 5 ore sarete già ai titoli di coda!
Gameblog.fr (Jul 22, 2013)
lutôt réussie, cette transposition surprenante de l'expérience Deus Ex sur supports tactiles fonctionne plutôt bien, sans jamais, toutefois, réussir parfaitement à retranscrire la magie d'un Human Revolution. Les excellentes musiques de Michael McCann, la direction artistique, et les bases du gameplay sont bien là pour aider, mais il ne faudra pas s'attendre à la même qualité de level design ou d'IA que son grand frère. Il reste cependant étonnamment jouable (tant qu'on ne fonce pas dans le tas bêtement), et agréable à parcourir malgré ses défauts et ses quelques bugs - le tout pour environ 5 heures de jeu s'achevant sur un cliffhanger assez brutal, malheureusement.
God is a Geek (Jul 18, 2013)
Deus Ex: The Fall is an interesting title. It’s a fun game that is absolutely in the vein of the Deus Ex series, but with certain aspects that keep it from being essential. The voice-acting is one major problem, but the slow pacing of the story is another low point. Overall, the entire package is a fun little distraction, and it has certainly got plenty of content -but it’s purely for the Deus Ex fans, as they’re the only people who are going to be able to get over the annoyances and see the game how it wants (and deserves) to be seen. Download it now if you’re a fan, but wait for a price drop if you’re on the fence. Either way, you should play it, because if console-quality games like The Fall signal where the iOS gaming market is going, you should get in on the ground floor.
Game Informer Magazine (Jul 18, 2013)
The abrupt ending of Deus Ex: The Fall, which comes well before you even get to the meat of the story, begs elaboration. If Square Enix hopes to grow this brand further on mobile devices, it needs to find a suitable first-person control scheme or bite the bullet and support a gamepad. The technical feat of getting a game of this pedigree up and running on iOS is impressive. Without competent combat, however, all that work is for naught.
4Players.de (Jul 16, 2013)
Zwar ist die Steuerung in ruhigen Situationen überraschend präzise, aber in der Hitze des Gefechts verliert man schnell die Übersicht und wird von stellenweise miserabler KI enttäuscht. Besser als die mangelhafte Action funktioniert das Schleichen, denn hier kann man einige spannende Momente erleben. Trotzdem wird auch beim subtilen Vorgehen im Vergleich zum Original zu häufig klar, dass man hinsichtlich Figurenverhalten, Missionsdesign und Regie ein Deus Ex zweiter Klasse vor sich hat. Warum muss man ein immersives Echtzeiterlebnis überhaupt auf Tablets oder gar Mobiltelefonen anbieten, wenn man weiß, dass man letztlich so viele Abstriche in Kauf nehmen muss? Hier hätten sich eher PS Vita oder 3DS angeboten! Auf dem iPad hätte ein rundenbasiertes Abenteuer mit Stealthfokus zu einem konsequenteren Ergebnis geführt.
Absolute Games (AG.ru) (Aug 07, 2013)
Хочется написать, что где-то за кривым программным кодом и неуклюжими манекенами-персонажами прячется прекрасная игра — но ее нет. Deus Ex: The Fall — это потемкинская деревня, фальшивая елочная игрушка, лишь имитирующая ощущения от Human Revolution. Правда, на рынке бесконечных клонов и таймкиллеров даже такая «кукла» может показаться удачной покупкой. Ведь если не запускать The Fall на устройствах предыдущих поколений, закрыть глаза на неработающие перестрелки, в спешке написанные диалоги и урезанные возможности — то можно получить от происходящего определенное удовольствие, которое вполне будет стоит потраченных 7 долларов.
Edge (Jul 22, 2013)
That, in a sense, is The Fall’s wider issue: n-Fusion has done such a good job of making a cut-down Human Revolution on iOS and Android that all it’s done is make a cut-down Human Revolution. There’s nothing here that wasn’t done bigger, in more detail, and with more options, in Eidos Montreal’s game, while the story so far fails to introduce new ideas or themes. Still, what it aims to recreate it does so assuredly: The Fall offers a compact, streamlined follow-up to Adam Jensen’s adventure, and a welcome means of returning to Eidos Montreal’s vibrantly imagined future.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Jul 10, 2013)
On paper, this is just the kind of iOS tie-in fans often ask for: it's faithful to the source material, filled with familiar systems and details, and it's even made a decent attempt at matching the graphical style of the main game. It's Deus Ex in cross-section, but although so many of the right pieces are in place, the energy and skill that usually brings the whole thing to life is missing. Regardless of whether you believe Deus Ex's basic genome should have adapted a little more for its new platform in the first place, there's no debating the fact that any sequel will require some serious augmentation.
Metro.co.uk (Jul 16, 2013)
All the ingredients are there from Human Revolution, but the final dish is disappointingly tasteless – even if its main problems are the opposite of what you’d expect.
TouchGen (Jul 13, 2013)
The poor A.I. and hit point balancing make Deus Ex: The Fall a poor shooter in my mind. While the graphics are certainly nice, they are not on par with Human Revolution – which means that trying to execute similar up-close cutscenes has a diminished effect in this version. Most importantly, I cannot believe the extent to which microtransactions are shoehorned into this game. Were it to be free to download this wouldn’t have been an issue for me- heck, I enjoy Puzzle and Dragons, but they are inexcusable when the player has to pay up front as well.
Darkstation (Jul 25, 2013)
Deus Ex: The Fall is a very ambitious game that pays off in some significant ways but fails in some fairly key areas. While the game might be fun to explore and look at, the actual action of the game just feels clunky and sometimes just plain broken. For hardcore fans looking for just a little taste of some new Deus Ex action, The Fall might be worth checking out but if these issues are enough to keep you away then you are probably right to just wait for the next proper sequel. Deus Ex is an amazing concept for a game and I’m willing to accept this as a stepping stone to a proper sequel but if this is all we ever get then I will be thoroughly disappointed.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 30, 2013)
Opmerkelijk genoeg is The Fall echter een verrassend degelijke game waarin je in het transhumane lijf kruipt van huurling Ben Saxon (u misschien bekend van de Deus Ex-roman Icarus Effect) die almaar meer afstotingsproblemen krijgt met zijn cybernetische implantaten en voor zichzelf en een goede vriendin op zoek moet naar zeldzame drugs. Het levert een zoektocht op van een 5-tal uurtjes, volgepropt met de typische Deus Ex: Human Revolution-gameplay (sluipen, schieten, door ventilatieschachten kruipen, hacken, enz.), inclusief een fantastische soundtrack. Het grootste probleem van The Fall is en blijft de touchscreen-controle die totaal ontoereikend is om hectische vuurgevechten met meerdere tegenstanders tegelijk tot een goed einde te brengen, maar net daarom kozen we een keertje voor de pure stealthaanpak en dat werkte wel goed. Maar wie deze game als pure shooter wil spelen, zoekt beter iets anders.

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