Echoes of the Past: Royal House of Stone Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Title / main menu
Intro present day tour of the royal house
Being pulled into the Royal House of the past
Game start
The Studio - objects
Throne Room - plus achievement
Mini portrait scraps puzzle
Armory Room
Armory Stock Room - objects
Royal Family’s Chambers
Court Tailor's lock puzzle
The Studio - memory match puzzle
Petrified Court Tailor
Court Tailor's - objects
Princess Chamber lock puzzle
Princess Chamber's
Princess Chamber's - objects
Mini beaker puzzle
King’s Chamber puzzle
King’s Chamber
Tower steps
Mini game Tower weights puzzle
The Tower
Tower - objects
Mini matching puzzle
Fountain - Petrified Gardener
Fountain - objects
Mini pipes puzzle
Kitchen - Petrified Cook
Kitchen - objects
Wine Cellar - objects
The Crypt
The Crypt - Petrified Coffin Maker