Gravity Badgers Credits


Executive ProducersDavid Banner, Richard Pring
Project LeaderMartin Onions
DesignerMartin Onions
ProgrammingMatthew Edwards
Lead ArtistRichard Lee Rowlands
ArtistLisa Ferrari
Concept ArtistChris Phillips
Level DesignerJean Patrick Gallon
Music Composer, Arranger and ProducerAdam Cerith John
Audio EngineerDaniel Shepard
Theme Music Performed By City CircusRhys Williams, Daniel Shepard, Zak Woolf, Simon Evans
Quality AssuranceMollie Banner, Morgan Banner, Rose Skinner, Phoebe Skinner, Sian Bailey, Luke Ogden, Alex Thomas, Robert Edgell, Dean Knight, Ryan Porter, Lewis Stocker, Mike Rowntree, Paul Pitson

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