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The [email protected]: Shiny Festa - Melodic Disc Screenshots (iPad)

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen.
Kotori, the office clerk, greets me.
The game starts out with a full-length anime episode.
The girls watch a news report about an island resort on TV while hanging out at the office.
Producer returns and informs them that they are invited to compete in a world music festival being held at the very same resort.
Only a handful of idols can go, however, and the ones chosen are Makoto, Yukiho, Miki, and Takane.
You get an achievement for simply watching the whole thing.
My idol rank increases slightly.
Main menu.
Entering stage mode.
Starting out.
NOT perfect...
Hibiki singing.
The company president's face is never seen.
A panning shot of all the characters.
Takane isn't too happy with how I did...
The Memory Booster.
Rank up.
I got paid.
Yukiho is a nervous one.
Miki suggests I go shopping.