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Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Screenshots (iPad)

User Screenshots

iPad version

It all started with a book...
Language selection
Classy loading screen
The in-game shop
Lone Wolf's creator, Joe Dever
Character creation
Character creation (cont'd)
Sum-up of your character before beginning your journey
Intro cutscene. Lone Wolf's story so far...
Tutorial hint
Narration on the left, character sheet on the right
Narration on the left, quest objectives on the right
Great art and area map
Using a skill
Checking the bestiary
Battle scene! Choose what you want to use: sword, shield, daggers or belt items
Here are the available sword attacks
Our hero, Lone Wolf
Giaks are the goblins of Magnamund
Drinking a potion
The Kai Lord triumphant
Spoils of war
Episode 2 - Lockpicking minigame
Episode 2 - Unseathing the Sommerswerd
Episode 2 - Gorgaz Artwork
Episode 2 - Attack of the Gorgaz lizardman!
Episode 2 - Summoning a wolf to fight at my side
Episode 2 - Finishing off the Gorgaz with style
Episode 2 - Giak, meet Sommerswerd
Episode 2 - Meditating to recover HP, MP and stamina, at the risk of being ambushed
Episode 2 - Fighting Giaks and Drakkarim in Shianti ruins
Episode 2 - Shianti Cube puzzle