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Lara Croft GO Screenshots (iPad)

User Screenshots

iPad version

Tomb Raider style circle menu
Game start
Archaeologist achievement
The maze of snakes chapter
Don't think I can jump that far
A tower of saw blades
Attacked by the Queen of Venom
Finishing the maze of snakes chapter
Found the Key of Stones
Hiding from the Queen of Venom
Completed a Relic
Boulders everywhere so be careful which trigger is hit
Little Indiana Jones element being chased by boulder
Attacked again by the Queen of Venom
The maze of spirits
Using a torch to make the snake retreat
A wall of saw blades to climb
Must avoid danger on the grid and the Queen of Venom at the same time
Slayed the Queen of Venom
Discovered the Atlas of Beyond
Running to escape the collapsing temple