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Slide to Play (Jul 03, 2013)
A massive selection of cards, robust multiplayer, and a wealth of options are only a few of the reasons you’ll be able to cite as justifications for the $10 pay wall. Magic 2014 is an excellent choice for newcomers and veterans alike, especially if the TCG scene strikes your fancy.
Modojo (Sep 07, 2013)
Magic 2014 is just about everything that made Magic 2013 such a special game, and while it's not exactly revolutionary in its gameplay, we probably wouldn't want it any other way. When you consider the improved tutorial, reliably outstanding artwork, and the new Sealed Play mode, the franchise has once again asserted itself as the strategy card game experience to beat. Let's hope someone at least tries.
Pocket Gamer UK (Jul 02, 2013)
A brilliant digital version of a brilliant card game, Magic 2014 is every bit as impressive as its predecessor and adds more to the mix, too
MacLife (Jul 01, 2013)
More than just checking the familiar boxes you'd expect from a yearly update, Magic 2014 adds a few welcome fresh elements to the mix alongside a glut of new cards and foes to tussle with. It's a must-have for Magic fans, whether you played last year's edition or not.
148apps (Jun 27, 2013)
Everything worth loving in Magic 2013 is back again in Magic 2014. Those that are looking to get a taste of what is to come in this year’s batch of cards should not hesitate to once again dive into the digital world of card games. Just know that without the additional $9.99 investment, it will be hard to keep the interest alive beyond a few early matches.
Anche quest'anno Wizards of the Coast ha svolto correttamente il suo compito, portando un corposo numero di piattaforme la versione videoludica del suo popolare gioco di carte appositamente disegnata per andare incontro a tutti i neofiti di Magic. Soprattutto a quelli che non hanno mai giocato al card game, magari per paura di ritrovarsi al verde, ma avrebbero sempre voluto farlo. Come tutti gli anni ci sarebbe piaciuto vedere magari una migliore pulizia dell'aspetto tecnico o qualche spunto importante a sottolineare che c'è il desiderio di far evolvere la serie Duels of the Planeswalkers ma anche questa volta, complice l'importante e richiesta introduzione del Sealed Play, non ci possiamo proprio lamentare e anzi ci sentiamo convinti nel promuovere con una buona votazione questo Magic 2014.
Quarter to Three (Jul 16, 2013)
But you can only play this mode twice. Beyond that, you have to pay $1.99 each time you want to play again. And in case you’re wondering, no, this isn’t a free to play game. You’ve already paid $10 for it. You furthermore can’t use your cards in any other mode (sealed play has its own multiplayer set-up). So the prominent new feature in Magic 2014 is the ability to pay Wizards of the Coast extra money each time you play it. What a horribly crass presentation of a wonderful feature. It sits like a stinking hole in the middle of an otherwise presentable game and therefore completely undermines any reason to play this when you could instead be enjoying last year’s planechases.