Might & Magic: Duel of Champions Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Playing the single-player campaign.
Myranda, one of the Windswords, teaches you how to play the game.
On the battlefield.
It's possible to zoom on the cards to read their effect and enjoy the artwork.
Playing a creature (in this case a "Loyal Griffin")
A spell (Word of Light)
Even the "minor" Earth Elemental is a force of nature.
Battle results
Level Up!
On the world map.
Before each battle, you can choose which deck you want to use.
Vein, your local friendly vampire captain.
Crag Hack, a classic character of Might & Magic, has his own card.
Event cards are horizontal. This is the "Month of the Dancing Flames".
In single-player modes, dialogs can occur during the battles.
Checking player details.
The shop.
The deck editor.