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One Finger Death Punch is a fast-paced fighting game with stickmen entirely controlled through the two mouse buttons, two keyboard keys or two controller buttons. The player controls a stickman in the middle of the screen and needs to defeat large waves of enemies appearing left and right. As soon as they are close enough a range meter is shown and either the left button or the right button needs to be pressed in the corresponding direction to attack. When successful, the attack is initiated automatically without further input by the player. Attacks are strung together quickly in succession for a large combo mayhem with a variety of moves.

Even though the controls are simplified, there is an amount of strategy to it. Based on the number of enemies appearing the player can decide to attack in a certain direction first before switching sides, especially when more difficult opponents approach. Another randomization factor is the introduction of power moves that allow for additional or far-reaching combos, and various weapons such as a giant mace, a ball that can be kicked around, spears or a bow and arrow. New types of stickmen are introduced gradually. Next to the regular gray ones that take a single hit, green ones require two and red ones three. Then there are blue stickmen that dodge after the first hit to switch sides, and yellow and purple ones that require a specific set of attacks left and right shown through a small meter to defeat them. Special opponents launch a Guitar Hero-like sequence where a set of many attacks left or right needs to be completed.

The stickman has a certain amount of lives and some levels introduce a white stickman that provides an additional one when hit. After each round the player is rated with a medal (bronze, silver, gold or platinum) based on the number of hits received. A perfect round is achieved when not a single attack misses.

The main game mode is organized as a large map with different challenges unlocked one by one and branching paths. This mode can be played as student, master or grandmaster. There are different types of levels such as mob rounds (regular levels), boss rounds against a single opponent, multi rounds with various speeds or round types in succession, light sword and nunchaku rounds with a specific weapon, smash rounds where opponents need to be launched into boxes, defense rounds where incoming weapons need to be deflected, speed rounds, thunderstorm rounds where the colours of enemies are largely hidden, and more. By progressing through the main mode up to 21 skills with perks can be unlocked, but only three can be equipped at a single time and certain round types restrict skills. When doing well the game's speed gradually increases, but when failing a few times it drops, but never below 100%. Next to the main game mode three types of survival game modes can be unlocked.

The later released mobile versions turns the game into a free-to-play title with advertisements, waiting times through an energy system, and in-app purchases with a premium currency to buy additional moves.


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No Luca No

The third survival mode called No Luca No where you need to move the mouse to fend off a cat blocking your sight is a reference to the 2011 game No Luca No by the same developer where the cat is a similar nuisance, but the main game mechanic.

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