Reckless Racing Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Main menu
Tutorial a truck basic course and ramps for you to get the feel of the controls
Trying my hand at a ramp
Single player select a car
Select a stage or course with several available
Starting line for a 3 lap race
Most courses are dirt or gravel which keeps you in constant drifts/power slides
Running into slower traffic
Delivery is another game type. Pickup is clearly marked on the map with a green ! and with a simple drive by the trailer is attached
In delivery the trailer will totally throw off your driving
Whipping the trailer around into its destination spot for $112 cash bonus
Another run and the trailer is about to flip my car in the turn
Taking a hot lap on the Frozen Lake course
Hot lap on the island which is at night with dark corners
Construction course has very tight turns
Construction has some jumps - here my jump forces me into the wall complete with grinding metal flames
Dirt rally race starting on the Construction course
Really drifting as I complete lap one
End of race times
Missed the bridge on this course right into the river below