Riven: The Sequel to Myst Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Atrus giving me a linking book
Arrive at temple island and a stranger wants one of your books
Released from the cage - Game Start
Looking at jungle island in the far distance
Turning around on the iron foot bridge you notice the Great Golden Dome
Gate Room
Gate Room golden beetle peephole
Riding the tram from temple island to jungle island
Wahrk Shrine on jungle island
Crater island tram stairs leading to Gehn's laboratory with temple & jungle islands in distance
Arrival on plateau island
Spinning marble sphere on plateau island
Golden elevator
Throne tower flanked by stone monoliths
View from throne tower looking down on the lagoon
Riding the mine cart to crater island
Lake at crater island
Walking iron foot bridge from crater island to temple island - Great Golden Dome in distance
Main menu
Full view of crater island
Burned linking book
Gehn's laboratory