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Shantae: Risky's Revenge Screenshots (iPad)

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen.
Main menu/file select.
The action starts right away.
Fighting monsters.
Crossing the bridge to Scuttle Town.
Shantae runs into Bolo. He reminds her that Uncle Mimic is giving a presentation today.
Bolo also reminds Shantae that she's supposed to return the egg she was egg-sitting to Sky.
Risky Boots crashes the party.
After Risky Boots steals the lamp, Shantae goes after her and must fight the Steam Powered Oceanic Tinker Tub.
The first boss battle. It attacks with exploding barrels. You must somehow use that to your advantage.
Wearing the Dancer Outfit.
The Dancer Outfit fortunately increases magic power (and amount of skin shown ;) ), but unfortunately also increases damage taken.
This Warp Squid statue lets you warp to its brother. There are several pairs in the game that can warp you to each other.
Meeting up with Rottytops.
Rottytops surfs the "web" for information. Prepare for bug and worm-related puns.
The first labyrinth.
A Dance Spirit teaches Shantae a belly dance to transform.
...and Shantae turns into a monkey!
Monkey Shantae can climb walls.